Developing Your Awareness and Intuition

In a world that is increasingly chaotic, unpredictable and just a little bit dangerous, the need is greater than ever for caring individuals who wish to devote their lives to helping humankind. The Douglas James Cottrell Institute of Quantum Meditation™ is a facility for teaching qualified students the skills they need to enter the Quantum Meditation™ state. From this state, the High Mind or Akashic Records may be approached, and information may be gathered on virtually any topic or concern. It begins with a determination to develop the ability, combined with a humble desire to help, and a serious commitment to continue to practice.

During this program, Douglas gives students the tools they need to enter the Quantum Meditation™ state. In this deep state of meditation, seekers may approach the Akashic Records to gather information from beyond the limits of physical perception.


“As you develop your own intuition, you will come to learn that the intellect is the real obstacle. Students will always have doubt, questioning whether what they are seeing or perceiving is real or just a creation of their imagination. All you need is someone to validate that your perceptions are genuine, and then the tenacity to keep practicing. One of the lessons I give my students is to tell me what you see, and not what you think. Thinking is a process of using our reasoning faculties to come to a conclusion. It is a process tempered by our own experiences and prejudices. This is not the same as observing. A true practitioner of the intuitive arts does not think, but merely observes and reports back the observations.” – Douglas James Cottrell, Ph.D.

Belief is Based on Evidence

During the course, Douglas will give you real subjects to "read" or "remotely view" and provide you evidence that what you are perceiving is real and helpful. With this reinforcement, your confidence will grow and your abilities will blossom. It can help you to let go of those thoughts that you are inventing or imagining the information. In the beginning, students are plagued with questions of whether they are making it up, or whether they are seeing something they want or expect. Douglas calls this the chattering mind. The course teaches techniques to distract the rational mind with conscious breathing, and to quiet the chattering mind so that the message of the intuitive mind can be perceived with as little colouring as possible.

Can You Meditate?

Many people believe they cannot meditate, but what they do not understand is that meditation is a natural state of mind. Chances are they have been meditating without trying to. If you have ever had the experience of losing time - perhaps while driving a long distance, or while walking along the beach - then your mind is already shifting to that state on its own.

  • Can you be a Ross Peterson, an Edgar Cayce, or a Douglas Cottrell? I tell my students that only I can be me, and only you can be you. But if you feel the urge to develop your intuition and the many abilities associated with it - from clairvoyance and clairsentience to spiritual healing, prediction, or prophecy—I encourage you to do so, to the best that you possibly can. Take your steps. Find a mentor who can guide you. Small successes along the way will inspire you to keep going. Learn to relax and temper the rational mind that likes to think it is in control. Your intuition can put you in touch with knowledge beyond your conscious understanding…but not by thinking!
    Douglas James Cottrell, Ph.D.

Retreat-Style Program (One Week)

The Quantum Meditation™ course is a week-long program with both theoretical and practical components. You can be confident that you will be learning from someone who can speak from practical experience, and not from conjecture. Students will be taught specialized techniques in breathing, focus and relaxation and will engage in numerous meditation exercises, each progressing deeper and deeper. Learn the differences between meditation, remote viewing, mind projection and clairvoyance. Learn the similarities between dream symbols, and the images that are seen in meditation.


During the course, there will be discussion and instruction on the following subjects:
• How to use the three minds – conscious, subconscious, superconscious, as well as what Douglas terms the Middle Mind,
• Live demonstrations of the Quantum Meditation™ phenomenon,
• Explanations of what goes on in the mind and body during meditation,
• The Akashic Records, the higher dimensions, and what it is like to be there,
• The differences between meditation, remote viewing, mind projection, and clairvoyance,
• The similarities between dream symbols and the images and symbols seen during meditations,
• Breathing instruction, and much more!

Please note: Admission to the Quantum Meditation™ Intensive Course requires successful completion of a qualifying interview. Class sizes are restricted to allow as much one-on-one instruction time as possible.

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Single Meditation Classes (At-Home Study)

Douglas also teaches single classes in meditation, which he believes is not merely a relaxation or vegetation practice, but instead an active practice for the mind. These meditation exercises are designed to be done in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Douglas guides you through the process from beginning to end, including his technique to relax the body with specialized breathing, in order for you to quiet the chattering ego mind and begin the process of communicating with your High Mind. Students with limited (or no) experience with meditation have reported they find Douglas's approach to be easy to follow, with profound results.


Each meditation focuses on a different purpose. This may include:
• finding inner peace,
• attracting a soul mate,
• reviewing your karma and past lives,
• lowering your blood pressure, and so on. 

These make a solid foundation for the Quantum Meditation™ course.

You may familiarize yourself with Douglas's meditation technique with a free sample meditation class. We keep adding to the meditation classes, so be sure to check back often to review the current meditation class offerings.  


You can develop your own intuitive abilities. Watch Douglas talk about these abilities in these short videos.