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Everyone has problems. From work to home, from health to relationships. Whether you look at them as challenges, lessons, tests, or opportunities, everyone experiences things in life that are not easy. When your stress builds, your judgment is clouded, and you lose touch with your inner knowing. No matter your concern or problem, Douglas is available to help. Since 1975, Douglas has been counselling people from all walks of life. Using his intuitive abilities, he can peer into the hidden causes of a circumstance, or he can project his mind into the future to predict an outcome. This helps you find alternatives and make decisions. He offers two types of services: a Quantum Meditation™ Reading and an Intuitive Consultation.


“I would like to specify—for those who might be naturally skeptical—a number of accurate statements that you, Douglas, made about my health even though you have never met me and know nothing about me, not even my birth date. Your statements about my spine, including mentioning four specific vertebrae were exactly correct, as substantiated by recent medical MRI’s. Your statements about circulation, involving two different parts of the body were also accurate, as substantiated by recent medical tests. You described the underlying causes of these conditions and the protocols that will clear them up.” — (name withheld) New York, NY, USA

Quantum Meditation™ Reading

Many clients seek Douglas’s counsel for his ability to enter the Quantum Meditation™ state, and go through a body, system by system, down to the cellular level. He may explain what is malfunctioning, what has caused the condition, and what may be done to return the body to balance. Often, this will explore the mental and emotional causes of health issues, and not merely the physical. Suggestions for treatment will often include a multidisciplinary approach, emphasizing the body’s own natural healing capabilities when given proper support by qualified health professionals. If you have explored all options, and still have a vexing health concern, a Quantum Meditation™ Reading may be right for you.

Douglas may also give insight into your personality through an explanation of your karma from previous experiences. You may have wondered what past experience has led to a certain block, tendency, or phobia. Understanding the source of the pain may help you to heal it in the present. Do you have particular questions regarding your own spiritual progression or your own gifts and abilities? Douglas can explore in detail your soul’s purpose, your tendencies, or what you should be doing to fulfill your destiny.

$1500 CDN. Approximately 45 - 60 minutes.

Intuitive Consultation

If a Quantum Meditation™ Reading is not for you, but you feel that you can benefit from Douglas's counsel, you may be interested in scheduling an Intuitive Consultation. In this session, Douglas gives you his intuitive impressions, guidance, and advice on everyday issues from relationships, to health, to finance. He can help you come up with options for everyday situations you are facing and give insight into the future outcome of a decision. This may help you make a more informed choice now when faced with several options.

You may have heard Douglas on live radio shows give intuitive impressions to callers. While still remaining conscious and lucid, he enters a slightly altered state of consciousness, although not as profound as the Quantum Meditation™ state. Prompted by your questions, he allows images to occur in his intuitive mind, which he then relays to you.

The information in an Intuitive Consultation is not as detailed, profound, nor abundant as in a Quantum Meditation™ Reading, but is still as accurate. For those looking for brief answers and snapshots rather than in-depth examinations, this session may be better suited for your needs.

$375 CDN. Approximately 30 - 45 minutes.

Quantum Meditation™ Reading

Answers from the Akashic Record


Intuitive Consultation

Impressions, Guidance and Advice

Pushing Douglas's Ability...

In one instance of "pushing" Douglas’s ability in a QM Reading, a very educated and intelligent woman came to Douglas for a dream interpretation. As was the case with Cayce, Douglas cannot only interpret dreams via this trance-like state, but he does so with specific reference to the singular and specific "archetypal library" of the individual being read. That is quite a feat all by itself. In this particular case, however, the client had forgotten the ending of the dream and was frustrated. This writer was present during the session and, on a hunch, suggested that Douglas locate the "record" of the dream, based on the arcane notion that even thoughts can, in theory, leave a residue on the universal parchment, or those mysterious "Akashic Records" that Cayce himself had referred to. Douglas then proceeded to fill the missing ending of the "forgotten" dream, which the woman agreed was fully accurate. After filling in the blanks, Douglas proceeded to interpret the dream which, in this particular instance, was quite anticlimactic.

And then there is the "sound and feel" of the reading. It can be unsettling, even to a seasoned experimenter. Douglas's natural tone, grammar, and syntax all sharpen up significantly. Even more extraordinary is the speed at which information leaves his lips (lips which, given his low respiration and heart rate, should not be able to talk at all). While today, aspiring toastmasters and speakers consider themselves lucky if they can get through a dinner salutation without an "um" or "err," Douglas, in the Quantum Meditation™ state, dumps information on the listener in an almost non-stop, contiguous fashion, pausing only to breathe.

And for those who choose to attend a reading in person and discourse with him (they don't have to, of course), there is the disturbing phenomenon of having to interact with someone who not only knows more about most things than you do; but, to an uncomfortable degree, knows more about YOU than you do. [Often, when doing the reading with the client in the room, Douglas will demur from the written questions the client is nervously reading from, and instead move ahead, offering to answer "the question held in the mind of the questioner.”]

And finally there is the fact that Douglas, as did Cayce, handles the Quantum Meditation™ entirely in the first person plural. The explanation for this? Here is an "urban legend" popular within the para-psychological community—and one which is probably based in fact. A man spends years learning to acquire a deeper and deeper trance state to experience "freedom from attachment." One day, with his wife and friends in the room, he achieves his goal. His wife then asks him, in the trance, if he has a message for her. He opens his mouth to speak and then seems to get "stuck" with his mouth wide open. This lasts for several minutes, until his worried spouse panics and brings him out of the trance. When awake, she asks him what happened. The fellow remembers the whole event (itself fairly uncommon, as most trance practitioners do not remember anything of the experience) and explains, "I tried to say the words I LOVE YOU, but there was no word for I."

When you clear the mind of ego, there is no word for I!
(article by R. Appel)

Watch a sample Quantum Meditation research reading

Watch a sample Quantum Meditation health reading

Client Testimonials

Real-life clients of Douglas praise his intuitive ability. Note: in some cases, names have been removed at the request of the client to protect that individual's privacy.

  • I have worked within the field of autism treatment for over fifteen years, yet the mystery that is this complex disorder continues to pique my curiosity daily. Searching for answers and direction for some of the most challenging cases, I have used Douglas Cottrell’s talent. His clairvoyance, especially in the area of physical health issues, has proven exacting. In the case of one of my clients diagnosed with classic and profound autism, within just thirty minutes Douglas easily provided the insights and appropriate strategies that had previously remained a mystery until then.
    (name withheld by request), Autism Educator, Harvard University, M.Ed.
  • Douglas Cottrell crossed my path in 1980 during a very crucial time in my life. His brilliant psychic assistance and ability, his spiritual advice and direction helped to change my situation all together. I would put Mr. Cottrell amongst the best psychic leaders in the country and believe he can heal with his touch, his voice, faith, and support anyone in need.
    Dr. Mitra Emadian, USA
  • When I had my Quantum Meditation reading, Douglas responded in detail describing the state of my vital organs, adverse conditions and remedial actions I could take. The reading was stunningly accurate, including but not limited to the subluxation of two vertebrae – L2 and L5. Subsequently stopping at a chiropractor for the first time in my life, he X-rayed me, showed and described to me the results. Two areas needed adjustments, he said, L2 and L5. I am confident that the readings (done not only by Douglas, but any competent person) will eventually gain widespread acceptance and be validated scientifically.
    (name withheld by request), MI
  • The information in my first reading with Douglas really hit the mark, and amazed me with its detail and scope. He was able to identify conditions involving my digestive system and spinal alignment that both my doctor and chiropractor had largely missed. Douglas pinpointed the locations on my spine that needed adjustment, and an osteopath later confirmed the information. What was once a chronic scalp condition has almost disappeared thanks to following Douglas’s suggestions. Douglas often goes beyond the basic questions to address other important aspects in the big picture and in the details. Douglas indeed has a special gift, and his abilities to provide helpful information are a most wonderful blessing for those who seek them.
    Jason, Saskatchewan, Canada

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Frequently Asked Questions

We believe that everyone is connected at the soul level through an invisible web of consciousness. When Douglas enters the Quantum Meditation™ state, his high mind accesses the high mind of the questioner, and information is shared, gathered, and related back through Douglas to the questioner.

You may ask about any topic that concerns you. Generally, clients ask about their health, relationships, past lives, karma, and other personal problems. You may also ask about friends and family, including loved ones who have passed on. You may ask general interest questions about the past, present or future. You may ask about ancient history and archeology. You may ask for predictions about the future. You may not ask questions pertaining to the outcome of lotteries, games of chance, and the like. Also, you may not ask questions that infringe upon the privacy or welfare of someone else unless they have given you permission to do so. Depending on the nature of the question, you can expect to ask approximately 8 to 10 questions in a one-hour Quantum Meditation™ Reading. You may also include follow up questions, and extra questions to be asked if time permits.

The names and addresses of everyone being asked about need to be included (so Douglas may “locate” them). If it is not easy to recognize, please also include the gender of the person, and a key to pronouncing the name. If there are two people in the same household with a similar name, please indicate the age of the person. Please write all addresses in full (no state abbreviations, please). If you are asking about an inanimate object, please include its location information as well.

If you are asking health questions, it may be a good idea to include a brief summary (a sentence or two) of the specific health concern.

At this time, the private Readings of Douglas’s clientele are not available to the public. Client privacy is something Douglas is very protective of. Douglas's staff is currently collecting information from the Readings that have a relevance to the general public. These are released through Douglas's published works.

1) Ask one question at a time (i.e. no multi-part questions, please)

2) Ask your most important questions at the beginning

3) Ask follow-up questions, should any information be unclear, or if there is anything you did not understand

4) Ask specific questions, rather than general or vague ones

5) As questions are often interpreted literally, phrase your questions to ensure you are asking what you intend

6) Have location information on hand for questions concerning other people (or things)

7) Prepare 8 to 10 questions

8) In the final moments of the Reading, you may consider asking if there is any additional information or a final comment that may be helpful to you at this time

In 1985, Douglas participated in an invitation-only A.R.E. psychic research project. It consisted of 150 A.R.E. members having readings at a distance, given by two of the fourteen participating intuitives. Douglas was "Psychic #10." Douglas scored well, despite the curious restriction that physical health questions could not be asked, but rather only psychological and spiritual issues. Douglas’s speciality is health.

In his letter dated February 27, 1985, Mark Thurston (A.R.E.’s Director for Educational Development) concedes “I know a number of psychics felt that this was not their preferred way of operating. This may have been your feeling as well.”

Results were published in the A.R.E. Journal, though no additional recognition was made.

Douglas has been a regular contributor to the Edgar Cayce Canada magazine, Open Road. In spring of 2014, Douglas was invited to present a series of lectures and classes at the Edgar Cayce A.R.E. Center of New York City, where he gave a number of Quantum Meditation™ Readings to the membership as well.