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gallery37Dr. Douglas James Cottrell (1949 – present) is an ordinary man who demonstrates extraordinary abilities. In 1975, his mind was opened to the possibilities of intuitive phenomena when a co-worker at the Toronto Star newspaper handed him a book about Edgar Cayce, an American intuitive who practiced in the early 20th Century. At that time, Douglas was quite a skeptic, but he was desperate to find help for his young daughter, Cheri-Anne, who had been living in a handicapped children’s institution for four years.

Cheri-Anne had been suffering with a number of seemingly unrelated medical conditions, and was prone to grand mal seizures. Douglas and his wife, Karen, were overwhelmed. They eventually relented to the medical opinion of the day and sent their daughter from their home in Toronto to Plainfield Children’s Home near Belleville, Ontario. They were told to get on with their lives. However, they refused to give up hope, despite the fact that the doctors at the time had given Cheri-Anne a life expectancy of twelve years. She was only two at the time.

The book that Douglas had been given, There Is A River: The Story of Edgar Cayce, recounted the history of an American man who lived at the turn of the Twentieth Century, famous for demonstrating the remarkable ability to describe someone’s health condition while he was in an altered state of consciousness. Though uneducated, in this hypnotic trance, Cayce gave recommendations to treat numerous health conditions which often baffled the greatest thinkers of the time. These “readings” were the subject of numerous books. Unfortunately for Douglas and Karen, Cayce had passed away in 1945.

gallery9By a cosmic coincidence, shortly after reading this book, Douglas was in his workshop when he had the urge to go upstairs and turn on the television. The program that was on was called “World of the Unexplained” with host Allen Spraggett. Spraggett was interviewing an American man named Ross Peterson, who had been called “the new Edgar Cayce.” Douglas knew that he and Karen had to see him. In short order, he had his first-ever intuitive reading. Needless to say, it not only met his expectations, but it confirmed all his hopes and dreams that there really is something more to our world. This single experience started Douglas on a path that changed his life, and the life of his family, forever.

In a deep meditative state similar to sleep, Ross was able to discuss Cheri-Anne’s condition from hundreds of miles away, as if he were reading her medical chart. Speaking in a dry, steady monotone, Peterson described neck trauma that Cheri-Anne endured at birth, which was causing the seizures. This was information he could not have known or guessed. In this meditative state, Peterson made numerous suggestions for treatment and assured Douglas and Karen that their daughter, although unable to communicate through speech, was quite intelligent and aware of what was going on around her. On the strength of that single consultation, Douglas and Karen defied the medical community and withdrew their daughter from the institution. They applied the remedies Peterson suggested, and her life was spared. Cheri-Anne never fully recovered from her four years in the institution, but she was happy and lived until the age of thirty-eight.

In that intuitive reading, Peterson told Douglas that he, too, could practice this meditative trance, if he wanted to. “Ye have been a prophet of old, and ye will be a prophet of new,” he said. Douglas knew that he had to make the attempt to find out what intuitive ability he had. “If only one child is helped," he said, "it will be worth it!”

Inspired by this genuine experience, twenty-six-year-old Douglas began to study everything he could about the unseen world – from chakras and the aura to energy healing, dreams, and meditation. Aided by his family doctor and his chiropractor (both followers of Cayce), he began conducting experiments. He was young, determined, and driven to persist. He wanted to prove to the medical community that this phenomenon could help save lives. But he needed evidence. The doctor and chiropractor were able to verify that what Douglas was "seeing" in his meditation experiments was not imagination or guessing, but real information about real test subjects.

As his confidence and trust in this ability grew, Douglas was able to learn to enter deeper and deeper levels of consciousness, and the quality of the information became even richer. Under Peterson’s mentorship, these experiments grew into intuitive readings that Douglas gave to friends and acquaintances. In short time, he decided to devote his life full-time to giving what he calls Quantum Meditation™ readings, and soon had to retire from the Toronto Star newspaper.

40 Years' Experience

Over his 40-year career, Douglas has given approximately 50,000 Quantum Meditation™ readings, for individuals from all walks of life in countries all over the globe. Like his mentor, Peterson, and Cayce before them, Douglas concentrates on health matters.

During one “test” of Douglas, done in a hotel room in Toronto, Canada in the early 1990s, a medical doctor – head of the Juvenile Diabetes section at the time – read the names and addresses of five of his private patients who were not actually present in the room at the time. To the doctor’s satisfaction, Douglas described the symptoms of each. Independent testing and verification suggest that the health/medical information is accurate to approximate the 99th percentile.


Dr. Gina Cerminara is a metaphysical researcher and author of numerous books on Edgar Cayce and reincarnation, including Many Mansions, The World Within, Many Lives, Many Loves and Insights for the Age of Aquarius.

  • I have just had a long conversation with the person in charge of programming at the A.R.E. (Association for Research and Enlightenment), Nancy Stephenson. For all these years, the A.R.E. has never presented psychics on their programs. Yes, I most certainly do remember you, and the fine reading you gave me! The explanation of a certain relationship was extremely enlightening. I certainly hope things work out for you, Doug; you truly deserve to have wide exposure here in the States. Many good wishes!
    Gina Cerminara, Edgar Cayce Author, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Author of More Than a Dozen Books

Douglas is the author of more than a dozen books and e-books on personal and spiritual development. These works are based on information obtained from the Akashic Field using Douglas's remarkable Quantum Meditation™ readings. From his seminal work, Secrets of Life to the most recent Conversations With The Akashic Field, these books cover a range of topics that are sure to pique your interest and help guide you on your own journey. From future predictions and unsolved mysteries to the hidden workings of your body, mind, and soul, Douglas’s books are here to help you improve your life in all aspects: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

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Honours and Distinctions

• 2009, doctorate degree, therapeutic counselling
• 2009, ordained interfaith minister

Did you know? Douglas's work is featured in the book, "The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Akashic Record"

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