Published Articles About Douglas James Cottrell

"Psychic Claims Readings are 95 Per Cent Right"
by Mike Solomon, The Mississauga News, c. 1978

The health readings of a Toronto psychic are astounding a Mississauga doctor who says the method – if scientifically proven out – could change the face of health care.

Michael Bodnar, a chiropractor operating on Mississauga Rd., said in an interview Monday night that psychic Doug Cottrell, of Langley Ave., Toronto is right “about 95 per cent of the time.”

Cottrell, who says he has no training in medicine or health care, discovered his ability to read other people’s health problems in the traumatic years after he and his wife Karen had a deformed and mentally retarded daughter born in 1968. The girl, they were told, amounted to “a vegetable.”

No Hope
Interviewed in Mississauga and at their home last week, the Cottrells told their personal horror story of how they had given up hope of daughter Cheri surviving, how she spent 4 1/2 years in a mental institution and how Michigan psychic Ross Peterson turned it all around for them.

Peterson, an internationally-known trance-type psychic, gave a health reading for Cheri about 4 years ago, describing in trance how the little girl might be saved. A combination of digestive tract and bone problems at the neck and head were, he said, causing the girl’s mental difficulties. Ordinary doctors everywhere had written off Cheri as a hopeless case.

Now, Cheri is recovering from her problems and one day will walk upon a stage where her story will be told, Doug Cottrell told The Mississauga News.

Spread Word
The Peterson “reading” so impressed Cottrell that he determined to spread the word. Within a couple of years, with the help of a doctor friend who helped him to learn to relax, Cottrell discovered that he, too, possessed the ability to “read” other people’s health problems.

“Ross said I could,” he said.

Bodnar said he and Cottrell have no business relationship (“it’s a health relationship”) and that he cannot just take Cottrell’s readings and use them on his patients.

He said that Cottrell, if he “reads” the need for chiropractic work on a person to whom he has given a reading, recommends them to Bodnar if they lie in the area.

He also sends people to MDs, surgeons, or anyone else who could treat patients according to the readings.

“They come to me and they mention that they have been to him and that he has recommended chiropractic are,” Bodnar said.

“During the readings, in trance state, a tape is made of the questions and answers.

“I do what I was trained to do – a physical examination, a neurological examination, and if X-rays are called for, I take X-rays.

“After that, if they are willing to, I take their (patients’) tape and listen to it while they are there and I compare my findings with those given in the readings.

“I have found that in approximately 95 per cent of cases, Doug has been accurate.”

Bodnar, who said he was at first a skeptic because of his training as a scientist, says more research is warranted. He said that he and another doctor are trying to set up scientific, objective tests to put Cottrell’s accuracy on the line once and for all.

He said Cottrell doesn’t diagnose for him but that the diagnostic readings Cottrell makes are so accurate that they could change the face of medicine.

“Doug’s one helluva guy – that’s the way it is,” he said. “Every time I’ve taken X-rays and compared them with Doug’s tapes, they’ve been confirmed.”Said Bodnar, “some people might say it’s quackery; the thing that we need really is more open-mindedness.”

Psychic Peterson was in Toronto last week and when interviewed in his room at The Inn-On-The-Park Hotel, confirmed that he gave the Cottrells a reading in late 1974.

Peterson said he advised Cottrell as part of that reading that he was the type of sensitive person who could do the same thing.

“Anyone can do it – it might take some people 13 weeks, it might take some 13 years; it might take 13 lifetimes,” he said.

“I learned that you don’t have to lose your conscious to use your psychic perception to rely on inner feelings – you are often aware of material you don’t know of consciously.”

He said all it took in Cottrell’s case was the adversity in his life which gave him the key to try it. Peterson said it was adversity which also led to the discovery of his psychic abilities. A man who enjoyed physical life, he fell of [sic] a truck and broke his back. there followed about 35 different jobs – none of which lasted for long.

The work of the famous Edgar Cayce, the trance reader of the 1930s and 1940s, led Peterson to the psychic life.

"Do Dreams and Former Lives Make Sense? Psychics Think So"
by Diane Wood, Cambridge Reporter, July 1978

Would you like to find out who you were in a past life? Learn to make sense of your dreams? Or astral project your body?

The techniques to do any, or all of these things, will be available Saturday at a day-long psychic seminar in Kitchener.

Conducted by professional psychic and media personality Geraldine Smith, the seminar will feature three psychics leading sessions on their specialities.

It will be held at the Holiday Inn, 30 Fairway Rd., from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Pre-registration is necessary.

One of the sessions will be lead by Doug Cottrell, a 28-year-old father, who says he has been called everything from a charlatan to a crystal ball-gazer.

Goes into Trance
The Toronto man says he has achieved “remarkable results” with his “health readings.” By putting himself into a deep trance, he says he is able to give information on a variety of topics, including a person’s health.
He says his diagnoses have been proved accurate by chiropracters and doctors.
During the seminar, two people will be chosen form the audience for a complete “health-body scan.”

Mr Cottrell will also demonstrate the “laying on of hands” in which he places his hands on a person with an illness, and through some unseen power, causes various degrees of improvement or healing.

Also featured at the seminar will be Ken Dixon, a psychic whose speciality is dreams.

Mr Dixon, who believes that all the information a person needs to be happy, is contained in his dreams, will lecture on how to interpret dream symbols.

“Most books imply there are universal dream symbols. There may be a few general ones, but I believe most symbols are very personal. By learning to read them, a person can change his life.”

A special three-hour session at the seminar will be led by 45-year-old Rev Carole Young, a Chicago native, who will demonstrate techniques for remembering past lives.

Remembering Past Lives
Astral Projection
Mrs Young, who says she is aware of a past life she lived in 1786, says she believes people can be more effective in the present if they know the past. She will use several of her past life recall techniques for group regressions during the seminar.

All three psychics were in Cambridge Monday to promote the seminar and discuss their fields of specialty.

Mr Cottrell says he first became interested in the psychic field in 1974, when he was given a book about the famous “sleeping prophet” Edgar Cayce.

This gave him hope that there was help for his invalid daughter, who was medically diagnozed [sic] as being grossly retarded and highly convulsive.

He met with the trance psychic Ross Peterson, whose life story has been recounted in the current book by Allen Spraggett, “Ross Peterson, The New Edgar Cayce.”

Based on the information given through Mr Peterson in a reading, the Cottrells decided to remove their daughter from the medical institution where she had been placed at age three. She was then six.

They started the treatments suggested by Mr Peterson and say their daughter now attends school and shows much physical and mental improvement.

Just three years ago, Mr Cottrell was making a comfortable $25,000 a year working in the Toronto Star production department. Now he brings in about $200 per week by doing an average two readings per day at $50 a reading.
He says he charges that much in order to attract only “the sincere type of person,” rather than those interested in information about lotteries.

Typical Questions
What questions do people most often ask him? “Money, moving and marriage,” he smiled. “A lot of wealthy businessmen use me as a source of information.”

He said he also attracts many real estate people.

“Many policemen, businessmen, scientists, and physicists are using psychics” he added. “There have been some big breakthroughs in Russia.

“A recent report revealed that scientists in the Soviet Union can stop a frog’s heart just by thinking, and then restart it.

“If you take that a step farther, what about a man’s heart – the president’s of the United States, for example?”
Ken Dixon, who says he was “as psychic as a fish until age 30, believes if he can do it, anyone can. A former accountant and comptroller of a Toronto manufacturing company, he is now a specialist in several areas of the growth and esoteric fields as well as a trance psychic.

“I wasn’t psychic. I learned how to do it. Anyone can.”

He has conducted much research into dreams, and will discuss how to use them to live more effectively in the seminar.

Mr Dixon says dream messages appear in symbols for a reason.

“The information is usually telling us to change, and the ego doesn’t want to face that. It’s like a sugar coated pill.

“As a person develops however, he learns these symbols are helpful. They contain all the information necessary for health, wealth, and happiness.” Mr Cottrell, who has only been doing dream work for one year, says anything in a person’s life of major importance, is dreamt of ahead of time. He will be introducing some of his ideas in weekend workshops and special sessions at a hotel on Lake Simcoe that he is opening in September as a growth centre.

Mr Dixon was a founding member and first chairman of the Toronto Society for Psychical Research and director of The Mind Institute in Toronto.

People can also grow by facing their past, believes psychic Carole Young. She herself has regressed to a past life in which she saw her mother die in a rock slide as a child.

“I often take people back to their time of death because I think this dying practise [sic] is very constructive,” she said.

“It teaches you not to be so afraid or to feel so sad about death.”

Many of our present-day skills and talents, as well as negative attitudes and illnesses stem from past lives, believes Mrs Young.

By becoming aware of them, a person can make the decision to change them.

A counsellor in Chicago, Mrs Young says she uses psychic awareness in her work.

“I find people get inside themselves faster that way.”

She has a degree in psychology, but does not follow traditional counselling techniques. She was also ordained in 1973 in the Peace Community Church, Chicago.

Also included in Saturday’s seminar will be techniques on developing the ability of astral projection led by Geraldine Smith; and a session on how to develop healing abilities.

Mrs Smith will also discuss how to eliminate negative feelings through meditation. She will also explain the workings of the subconscious mind; and demonstrate techniques to alleviate stress, build energy, and develop psychically.

"Clairvoyant Cottrell Gaining Recognition Chiropractor uses his power to diagnose ill patients" by Terry Field, Barrie Banner, October 20, 1978

Doug Cottrell often goes where all of us, he claims, have been but cannot remember.

He is a clairvoyant and a student of the late parapsychologist Edgar Cayce. He believes he has lived, that all of us have lived, many times before in different bodies. He believes death is not an end to life but an intermediary zone one passes through and a necessary stage toward sustained spiritual growth.

As a clairvoyant, Cottrell has the ability, he claims, to put himself into a trance and reach into his subconscious where he can tap the accumulated knowledge of lives past and use it to answer questions concerning the present and the future.

On Sunday, Cottrell, his wife Karen, psychic Ken Dixon and wife Wendie were in Barrie to give a seminar about psychic awareness. A small group sat and watched as Cottrell lay on the floor and placed himself into a trance. While under he was asked to do a body scan of one of the group. He began to talk. A vertebrae in the upper back is causing pressure on a nerve that serves the left ear and another that serves the eye. The results: affected hearing and blurred vision. A problem in the lower back is placing pressure on the outside of the legs and stress in the knees.

Later he answers a question concerning erosion patterns of the soil on the south shore of Lake Simcoe over the next five years. He predicts, in answer to this reporter’s question, that a nuclear war will take place during the 1980s and that two thirds of the world’s population will be killed.

The man is at the same time frightening and fascinating, and according to two chiropractors, who are concerned with this analysis of health problems and wrestling with the overall philosophy, very accurate.

“I have no hesitation in suggesting a patient meet Doug,” chiropractor Mike Bodnar told The Banner in a phone interview from a clinic in Mississauga.

“We have used him in our practice with patients who are receptive…I don’t force anyone to go and see Doug,” Bodnar said.

Bodnar has sent patients who were interested for a health reading. Cottrell puts himself in the trance and tells the person what is wrong with their body and virtually anything else they would like to know concerning them, including their emotional makeup.

“He might suggest spinal manipulation and the patient comes back to me,” Bodnar said. The chiropractor examines the patient and compares the findings.

“His accuracy rate is very high,” Bodnar says. In only one case, the chiropractor says, Cottrell was off by one bone, a matter of centimetres.

One quarter of Bodnar’s patients have been to see Cottrell and, he estimates, 60 percent are receptive to parapsychology.

Bodnar has used Cottrell himself and is a believer in the philosophy of Edgar Cayce. There is no question in Bodnar’s mind concerning the validity of Cottrell’s ability and the chiropractor’s belief in the clairvoyant has resulted in his acceptance of reincarnation.

“Maybe it just substantiates my own prejudice or fear but it gives me piece [sic] of mind,” Bodnar said. “I’d like to believe we come this way more than once.”

“I have found a success with Doug with respect to his health readings … if Doug was wrong I wouldn’t support him, this is my livelihood,” Bodnar said.

Bodnar and Bill Dronyk, a chiropractor in Port Elgin, agree that the possibility that this power exists in Cottrell should be explored but the opinion of the latter man is not as settled.

Dronyk uses Cottrell’s service and someday he may employ the clairvoyant to help heal patients but in the interim he is “exploring.”

“I don’t know how much of this I can accept,” Dronyk told The Banner. “I’m not ready to commit myself.”

“Cottrell’s ability would question the entire medical profession,” Dronyk said. “If he has access to a universal intelligence…”

“Where it fits in stuns me … it’s almost overpowering,” he said.

Dronyk said that much of what Cottrell told him concerning the results of certain dislocations in the spain can not be substantiated or disproved. “I just don’t know, there’s no scientific basis for it,” Dronyk said. “Doug is way ahead of us (science) in the field of neurology (how the nerves relate to the body and what nerves affect which organs).”

Dronyk accepts that Cottrell has an ability to “read” the body but does not believe the source is, as Cottrell believes, a storehouse of knowledge accumulated over the ages and available to all who want to use it.

Neither does the chiropractor believe in reincarnation.

“I’m still looking,” He [sic] says.

Cottrell, nicknamed `Big Daddy’ by Ross Peterson after one if [sic] his previous incarnates, is a professional clairvoyant. He does trance readings, laying on of hands, (a form of healing in which energy is transmitted from the healter [sic] to the sufferer) and conducts seminars. He is paid for his efforts but, he says, it is not a lucrative trade.

He began several years ago after becoming interested in the beliefs espoused by Cayce and meeting psychic Peterson (Peterson is the subject of a book by Allen Spraggett).

“Anyone can do it,” Cottrell says of his ability. “It’s a fine tuning of the mind.”

Yet, Cottrell cautions, if a person does not want to become involved or does not believe it possible, then they should not take part. Because people have that choice Cottrell will not spend his time trying to convert the masses and chooses instead to work on interested individuals.

Briefly stated Cayce believed that everyone is part of the whole and that God is inside us all. We, he claimed, move from life to life as part of a learning process. Each new incarnation offers us a chance to deal with a new problem and gain experience. The goal is perfection and good.

Cayce’s view was not original to him. Many philosophers, Plato among them, wrote of the attempt to reach a state of grace with God and only in death finding the answers to the riddle of life.

You may not remember your previous lives but, Cottrell says, they are there for you to explore and in that exploration you may find guidance for the present. His job, as he sees it, is to help those who want it or need it. He is not unlike a man of the cloth in attitude and purpose.

What is religion but the exercising of your faith?

"Orangeville's a Safe Place...Don't Move Now" by (uncredited), Orangeville Banner, May 16, 1980

The world will be hit by earthquakes, floods and nuclear war over the next decade, but Orangeville residents will escape relatively unscathed.

So says Douglas `Big Daddy Doug’ Cottrell a clairvoyant who has set up his headquarters in town.

“Orangeville is just a safe place to be at the moment,” Mr Cottrell says. In a Banner interview from his office at 1 First Avenue the deep trance clairvoyant came up with some dramatic predictions about the state of the world over the next ten years.

In October 1982, he says, a strange astronomical occurence will cause the earth to slowly tip on its axis. The occurence will result from a geometric lining up of the planets at right angles to the earth.

This structural imbalance is already occurring to a degree, Mr Cottrell says. This is the cause of the strange weather the world has been experiencing over the last couple years.

By 1982 the gravitational forces will cause shifts in the earth’s crust leading to earthquakes and floods.

Cottrell says the position of the Orangeville area in relation to the rest of the world makes it least likely to be affected by this tectonic shift.

He predicts that it will be 1998 before the tilting subsides. By that time the planet will have gone through a 90 degree shift on its present axis.

Nuclear Confrontation
Other goodies in store over the next decade include “a short nuclear war” that will last from 1984 to 1987. Carter, Mr Cottrell predicts, will likely die of a heart attack to be replaced by a tough military dictator.

“This type of leader won’t fool around,” the clairvoyant says, “he will be given a very liberal avenue of power and he will feel no hesitation about using it.”

The control of the Middle Eastern oil fields will spark the battle which will leave most of Europe devastated. Countries like Canada, Australia, and India will escape the confrontation with a minimum of damage, he says.

Personal Struggle
So who is Doug Cottrell and why is he making these wild predictions?

The story began several years ago and it involved his daughter Cheri-Anne. The girl had been diagnosed as severely retarded and locked away in a mental institution.

Their daughter, the Cottrells were told, was a `vegetable’ with little hope of improvement.

Unwilling to accept that assessment, Mr Cottrell sought the aid of internationally-known clairvoyant Ross Peterson. The psychic gave him a health `reading’ which laid the blame for Cheri-Anne’s medical difficulties on a combination of digestive tract and bone problems.

Under Peterson’s guidance, the couple removed their daughter from the mental institution. At the time, Cheri-Ann [sic] weighed 22 pounds and had been receiving adult dosages of suppressant drugs.

The girl was taken off drugs and given chiropractic treatments three times weekly. The improvement, Mr Cottrell says, was almost immediate.

Today Cheri-Anne is able to speak and is beginning to walk. Her weight has increased to about 50 to 60 pounds and she is attending school regularly.

Starts Out On His Own
It was during his session with Peterson that the psychic informed Cottrell he was a `sensitive’ who could develop clairvoyant powers.

Deep Trance Meditation
Mr Cottrell then began to study the works of the famous trance clairvoyant Edgar Cayce and was soon deeply involved in paranormal activity.

He soon gave up his job with a Toronto printing firm and went into business for himself as a trance clairvoyant.

Since developing his alleged skills, he has travelled around the world giving consultations and has appeared on numerous radio and television talk shows.

According to Mr Cottrell, trance clairvoyance involves lying down and meditating to the point where the body enters a state of deep relaxation.

The clairvoyant claims he is able in his sub-conscious mind, while in a trance, to communicate with other people’s sub-conscious.

He works with a maximum of three clients who ask him a variety of questions dealing with subjects like health, investment, personal goals, etc.

“It’s like plugging into a giant computer,” says one of Mr Cottrell’s associates, Owen Rose. “The only difference being that no programs need to be put into it…you can ask any question that comes to mind, there are no limitations on the answers you can receive.”

New-found Disciples
There are several people in business and medical fields who are quite willing to attest to Mr Cottrell’s talents.

One is Ray Bruce, a London-based Doctor of Chiropracty. He says he met Mr Cottrell by way of a patient about a year and a half ago.

The patient had been referred to him by the trance clairvoyant. Mr Cottrell regularly refers people to physicians after he has `diagnosed’ their affliction while in a trance state.

“At first I examined the man thoroughly and then I listed to the diagnosis Mr Cottrell had made on tape,” Doctor Bruce recalls.

“The diagnosis turned out to be dead on,” the Doctor says. “The man had spinal and lower back problems that caused headaches and affected his eyesight.”

Within three to four weeks, Doctor Bruce said, the man’s condition had improved considerably and his eyesight had been restored.

“I later called Mr Cottrell to thank him,” Doctor Bruce says, “he told me he was glad to hear abut it but he said he didn’t remember a thing because he had been asleep at the time.”

The chiropractor says he has handled between 12 to 20 patients referred by Mr Cottrell since then and the accuracy of the clairvoyant’s diagnosis is “without peer.”

Another disciple is Joe Aeichenhofer, head of Hofer Industries in Mississauga.

“Mr Cottrell ‘s advice is very sound,” the company president says. “I’ve sought his advice a number of occasions and in a majority of the cases he has been accurate.

Mr Aeichenhofer told the Banner he uses the clairvoyant’s assistance for both personal and business inquiries.

Omega Formed
It was a little over a year ago that Mr Cottrell decided to form the Omega Research and Development Group. The stated purpose of the group is to provide a learning and resource centre where business and personal counselling, spirtual [sic] healing, chiropractic, recreational, problem solving and nutritional services can be carried out.

Mr Cottrell says Orangeville was picked partly because on [sic] his predictions and also because he felt Orangeville was a religion-oriented community.

“I live my religion,” he states, “and the attitude of the community seems to be very religious.”

He adds that the fact that it is a rural region also had its effect on the decision. Sometime in the future Omega plans to move from its First Avenue office to a place in the country.

There are currently nine instructors and five associate instructors in the Omega group. They hold workshops throughout the week in subjects such as meditation, rebirth of the soul, attitudes and emotions, and E.S.P.

Omega instruction and advice does not come cheap.

A `past-life regression’ where the subject learns about previous incarnations, costs $65. An afternoon workshop session costs $25 per person or $35 a couple.

Mr Cottrell ‘s one-hour deep trance consultations cost $170.

The clairvoyant estimates Omega has dealt with three to four hundred people since its formation. “We’re getting all the business we can handle from Toronto right now,” he says.

Mr Cottrell says he was once checked out by the Ontario Provincial Police because of a trance consultation. The investigation, he says, was due to a doctor who didn’t have any knowledge about what he was doing or what his philosophy was all about. There were no charges laid.

The Banner checked with the Toronto Better Business Bureau and they say there are no complaints on file against either Doug Cottrell or Omega.

Whether Mr Cottrell is a genuine article or not can still be a matter of speculation. That final determination, however, is for his clients to decide.

"Former Star Pressman Deals in Supernatural" by Kerstin Ring, Orangeville Hurontarian, November 17, 1982

In his own words Doug Cottrell is an ordinary man with an unique gift.

He is married with four children and lives in a large rambling house near Shelburne. His living room is filled with family memorabilia and photographs. As well as being a part-time farmer he also dabbles in the business world.

Mr Cottrell is also a clairvoyant.

“I’m basically an ordinary guy who is a part-time farmer, business man, inventor and involved a bit in the movie business,” says Mr Cottrell.

He has been having clairvoyant sessions with people from all over the world since 1974. He used to give two sessions a day six or seven days a week but has since cut down. His clientele is very select.

“The good Lord sends people to me seemingly when I need them and they need me,” he says.

Mr Cottrell is a very religious man but belongs to no denomination.

“I have always believed in God and I always went to Sunday school when I was a child,” he says. “I have a staunch religious background.”

Mr Cottrell moved to the Shelburne area in 1977 because it has always been a lifelong dream of his to own a farm.

“I remember my farm days from my childhood,” he says. “It’s in my blood to have a farm and be close to the earth.”

He moved to the country because he had been told from numerous sources that severe times were ahead.

“I had been told by friends, had read books, and my own intuition told me that hard times were ahead,” he says. “I moved to the farm because I liked the security of it. It’s a wholesome life and good for the children.”

Prior to moving to Shelburne Mr Cottrell had been a press man at the Toronto Star for 10 years.

“I was set for life and making a good salary,” he says. “But I felt I was in a rut.”

He had also been extremely successful in the business world.

“Being intuitive helps in the markets I always had a lifelong goal to be financially independent at 30. I achieved it.”

Mr Cottrell has not always been a clairvoyant. In fact, before 1973 he was highly skeptical of anything related to psychic ability.

Then a few things occurred in his life that made him start to question and analyze his skepticism.

He became interested in Edgar Cayce, a clairvoyant whose primary goal was giving health readings.

“Cayce would identify a problem in the human body and remedy or relieve the situation,” says Mr Cottrell. “He believed when there is a problem in the physical body it was the end result of something wrong in the mental or spiritual end of people. I believe wholeheartedly that attitude is the key to health or ill-health.”

He started to read about Cayce and was impressed because all of Cayce’s clairvoyant sessions were documented and verified by doctors and scientists.

Another big influence in Mr Cottrell changing his outlook had to do with his first-born daughter Cherri-Ann [sic].

Cherri-Ann was born 14 years ago with many difficulties. Among other things she was diagnosed as severely retarded and would have convulsions.

When she was two-and-a-half the Cottrells placed her in a home near Belleville.

Then one day in 1973 Mr Cottrell turned on his television and saw Ross Peterson, a clairvoyant, on the Allen Spraggett show.

“I saw this miraculous thing on television,” he says. “But it wasn’t until a few months later that I was able to meet and have a session with Ross Peterson.

“Being a true skeptic I investigated Mr Peterson and tested him subtly during the session. He came through with flying colors.”

One of the things Mr Peterson mentioned was Cherri-Ann. He recommended remedies for her that were in complete opposition to what everybody else had told the Cottrells.

In 1974 the Cottrells brought Cherri-Ann home to live with them.

“Cherri has gained weight since she has returned home. Speech is coming. She will achieve speech control,” says Mr Cottrell. “She can’t converse with us but inside she has the spark of life. Unfortunately she has no outward development of the inward intelligence.”

Since then Mr Cottrell has been investigating and researching the phenomenon of the mind and developing his ability.

“I’m attempting to understand the subconscious in relation to the conscious mind and consider the spiritual part of man as a truly tangible, living thing.

“It’s becoming more and more commonplace for people to understand miracles, to understand the spiritual gifts from telepathy or premonition.

“A realization that anything that deals with the supernatural can be rationalized by some capability that the mind has to influence matter. That the mind, again in conjunction with the spiritual force, can be in communication with other entities. It’s being understood to some degree. We cannot or will not understand everything about the spirit.”

Mr Cottrell says that during this time he became aware of how he reacted in relation to other people.

“You have to examine yourself and what bothers you about other people and realize that this is actually an inadequacy in yourself.”

Mr Cottrell says that he is definitely not infallible.

“I have been wrong many times,” he says. ” I can give an indication of what will take place. Truly and surely nothing is for sure.”

"Most Queries About Health Says Psychic" by Peter Murdoch, Hamilton Spectator, January 25, 1988

Book-lovers passed by the window of a small room just off the central library. Inside they could see a man lying down and about 20 people seated around him. A photographer tried to get a picture of the scene through the window.

“This city’s got everything,” said a man to the photographer and walked off shaking his head. Another came up and suggested that perhaps someone should call an ambulance.

Doug Cottrell’s six-foot, 225-pound frame was flat on the bench. He appeared to be sleeping and his eye-lids twitched as if he were dreaming. He was not asleep, he was in a trance. And for Doug Cottrell, being in a trance is being in business.

“Yes, we have the entity, continue,” said Mr Cottrell after having found a worker on shift at Stelco. One of the 20 pre-registered participants at the weekend psychic workshop had asked him about the medical problems of a friend.

After being told the man was at that moment working at the steel company, Mr Cottrell took a few seconds to locate him. How he did it remains is [sic] a mystery. Apparently, it has something to do with going into the soul where all knowledge is stored and then finding the person there. After locating “the entity,” Mr Cottrell can see the body and then describe what he sees.

“We find some difficulty in the body itself and some degeneration in the bone itself,” began the entranced Mr Cottrell.

His visionary diagnosis can be extensive and his remedies widespread. At various occasions he suggested everything from traction or weight lifting to massaging large amounts of peanut oil into the body or taking doses of a mixture of olive oil and apple juice.

Most of the questions to “The Man with the X-Ray Eyes” as he has been tagged were about health problems. One woman wondered whether her broken right leg would heal well enough to allow her to ride and work again with horses.

After some “introspection” into the bones and leg the clairvoyant’s answer was welcome news: “Yes, you will ride the beast again.”

Mr Cottrell, who says he has had dreams about himself and the famous psychic Edgar Cayce, stayed in trance for about 1 1/2 hours during the morning session and answered all of the questions from “the enquiring minds.”

A former worker in the Toronto Star pressroom, he has been in the trance, channeling and clairvoyance biz for more than 10 years and has focussed on two specialities – health and business.

When asked about the stock market his advice was not to get into it, but went on to suggest that the precious metals market “was soon going to explode.”

At one point he was a millionaire on paper, but ran into some personal problems. Now, he says, he is back on track.

“My problem has always been that I have been ahead of myself. I would say that gold was going to move a certain way and it wouldn’t happen the next day, it would happen the mext [sic] month.”

He gets most of his market information through dreams and in the last year or so has been able to “nail down” the times more accurately.

If he can “nail down” the market as well as he can a parking space he is destined to be a rich man. He told the group he more or less intuitively guided his way to Hamilton central library and on a busy Saturday morning found a parking spot right out in front.

“In my opinion the hardest thing is to locate the person you are talking about,” he said after the morning psychic workout. “Once the person has been located mentally or intuitively or whatever then it seems to be that the information should be specific or exact.”

“I’m an investigator and if someone says to me your back is out at a certain place I can go and have that proven. If I tell somebody that a certain move on the stock market is going to happen even to a certain date, it either happens or it doesn’t happen.”

Certainly the group who paid $35 for the four-hour session seemed to be impressed. Many had tape recorders and note pads at the ready as he answered their inquiries.

“I’m into this stuff and I had a bunch of questions but didn’t ask the one I really wanted to,” said Kathy Spence, 34, one of the registered participants.

“He knew my mind was confused. Hopefully, after a few more sessions like this and a few more books, it’ll get clearer.

"The Cosmic Shove" by Paul Zuromski, Body Mind Spirit, c. 1988

Doug Cottrell’s daughter Sherry [sic] was born with multiple physical and mental difficulties. Like any concerned parent, he searched for answers – some hope that he could find help for his daughter. Conventional medicine’s answer was putting her in an institution.

At the time, Cottrell didn’t believe in intuitive-type people. In fact, he admits, he was a rather nasty skeptic. “I wasn’t kind with my comments about psychics,” he admits.

Then he met Hans Peters, a clairvoiant [sic]. Cottrell and his wife were dreading the prospect of Sherry being institutionalized. In desperation, Cottrell consulted with Peters, who gave them information and insight that help them keep Sherry home and to assist in greatly improving her condition.

No longer did Cottrell thumb his nose at psychics. He began working as one. He studied the work of Edgar Cayce and began to learn how to do trance channeling. At first he did light trances, meaning he was fully aware of what was going on. As he kept working at giving trance readings, he went deeper and deeper. Today, he says her remebers [sic] little or nothing of what goes on or what is said during a reading. “It’s like a faraway dream,” he explains, “people usually have to tell me what I said.”

Deep Trance Meditation - Channel
I experienced Cottrell in trance and my observation was that he learned his lessons from Cayce very well. Like Caye, [sic] he lays down while he works and a conductor who directs the session. Usually it’s his wife, Karen.

His channeling voice is monotone and very businesslike. You won’t get long, rambling discourses when you ask a question, you get an answer. Period. In order to “read” someone, the conductor repeats the person’s name and their street address. Cottrell replies, “we have this one…” and the questioning begins.

Cottrell does many health readings. According to the people at this particular session who had prior experience with his work, his physical readings are very accurate. Timing of events can be a problem, they say, but this is the case with any information coming from beyond this Earth plane where there is no time or space.

Since I was hard at work on ,i>The New Age Catalog at the time of this session, I asked about the prospects of its success. Cottrell replied that it would be and proceeded to describe different stages in its publication process and was absolutely accurate in regard to its timing. He predicted success. We’ll see.

Cottrell says he channels his “soul mind” or “higher self” during his sessions. He stresses that anyone can do this.

He’s an excellent channel and he became that way through sheer determination. This is an example of a mildly intuitive and skeptical individual getting a “cosmic kick in the pants” – in his case, the disabilities suffered by his daughter. The result was a decision to make his trance work his life’s pathway.

I find many people get a “cosmic shove” and go on to do things like Cottrell did. But know that you can do it without experiencing a life crisis. Recognize your innate abilities. Give yourself a friendly nudge and open up to your wonderful potential.

Doug Cottrell did, and his life is much richer for it.

And so is ours.

"Man With X-Ray Eyes Solves People’s Health Problems from Thousands of Miles Away" by Cynthia Leggett, National Examiner, April 18, 1989

A man with X-ray eyes has the amazing ability to diagnose and treat people’s health problems – even if they’re thousands of miles away.

Douglas James Cottrell says he can actually see the state of someone’s health by focussing his mind on that person, whether they’re in the same room or halfway around the world.

The clairvoyant from London, Ontario, Canada, puts himself in a trance and uses his extraordinary mental power of X-ray vision to view the person’s internal organs on a “screen” in his mind.

In this way, Cottrell – who has been called the modern-day Edgar Cayce – can identify health problems and recommend treatment.

What’s more, he has been highly successful in teaching others how to develop their own X-ray vision.

Cottrell tells the EXAMINER: “I enter into a deep mediation state by slowing down my respiration and heartbeat. When the body and conscious mind are asleep, the soul-mind or divine intelligence emerges to provide answers to my questions put to me while in trance.

“For example, a pale, spongy, rather sad heart organ might appear on my inner screen. This would indicate a weak heart. If blood is spilling out, this will reveal leaking heart valves.

“A woman who consulted me had been plagued by severe headaches for years and doctors were unable to find a cure. I entered into a trance and immediately saw her pelvic bones had a slight twist which caused additional stress on her spinal cord, thus causing the headaches at the base of her skull.

“After her doctor realigned her pelvic bones, her headaches completely disappeared.”

Not surprisingly, doctors, psychologists, and psychic researchers have been astounded by Cottrell’s uncanny X-ray vision.

Says chiropractor Mike Bodnar: “After I do a physical and neurological examination with X-rays, I compare my findings with Doug’s trance reading and have found him to be 95% accurate.”

Interestingly, Cottrell discovered his awesome talents some 17 years ago when he and his wife and partner, karen, were searching for help for their daughter, Cheri, who was born with multiple handicaps.

Since then, the husband-and-wife team have worked together to provide help for the hundreds of people who contact them by mail or in person each year. They also teach others how to develop their own psychic gifts.

As Cottrell explains: “We teach people how to listen to their soul-mind to find their answers within.”

"Doomsday Looms, Soothsayers Warn" by Licia Corbella, Toronto Sun, December 30, 1989

The 1990s will be a decade of cures and catastrophes, if Ontario psychics are any judge.

Internationally-known psychic and palmist Anthony Carr of Toronto said he has seen vivid visions of “complete planetary upheaval – geologically, socially, religiously and morally.”

Carr, 46, who foretold the deaths of Pope John Paul I and Princess Grace as well a the Falkland Islands War and the eruption of Mount St. Helens in Washington State, says “devastating earthquakes will split the foot of the Rockies,” the West Coast of Canada and the States.

And, he says, “London Bridge is falling down” in his dreams.

Some of Carr’s more vivid visions for the coming decade are:

- A recession will force creation of a new currency.
- Canada’s government will topple before the end of its mandate.
- The next general election will see the demise of the NDP.
- Prime Minister Brian Mulroney will be in danger of being assassinated.
- Disgraced sprinter Ben Johnson will be restored to a place of honor.
- The career of world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson will come to a tragic end.
- Violence surrounds comedian Eddie Murphy.
- Raging fires around the White House in Washington, D.C.
- The Eiffel Tower in Paris will be bombed.
- A cure or the complete arrest of the AIDS virus will occur within 18 months.

Ann Toth, an astrologer from Ridgeway, near Niagara Falls, says:

-The federal government will lose a vote of non-confidence over the GST.
- The U.S. will invade other Central American countries.
- Another accident as bad as the Chernobyl disaster in the Soviet Union will happen in North America
- Brian Mulroney will suffer a personal tragedy.
- And recently freed Eastern European countries will form an alliance, spurred on by Poland’s Lech Walesa.

Deep-trance clairvoyant Douglas James Cottrell of London had vivid dreams of:

- A massive stock market crash early in the decade.
- Gold and oil prices will soar.
- Housing prices will continue to slide, so don’t buy a house until 1995.
- 1992 will be a difficult year, with great fluctuations in commodity prices.
- Mila Mulroney will have another baby.
- Jean Cretien will become the leader of the Liberal party and will win the next federal election.

"The Many-Layered Path of Healing" by Rhonda J. Miller, Edgar Cayce’s Venture Inward Magazine, September/October 2004

Shock and grief were Susan Schell’s first reactions when the doctor diagnosed her multiple sclerosis five years ago.

“I could hear the doors slamming along the corridor of my life. There’s a lot of grief that goes along with that,” said Schell, 48, a journalist who worked on daily newspapers in Ohio for more than 20 years.

She had dealt with some less serious health challenges in the past and already made diet and lifestyle changes to promote wellness. She had worked through some old grief from the loss of her brother, who died from an illness when he was five years old.

She first found the A.R.E. more than 20 years ago, looking for answers to family and personal issues.

“It really resonated on a deep level and led me to explore many paths,” she said. For many years she followed a Sufi path. She did personal work based on information from two men whose readings are similar to those of Edgar Cayce. The first was the late Ross Peterson of Michigan. She has also done work with Douglas Cottrell, a deep-trance psychic who lives in Canada.

When she had numbness, tingling, and pain in her legs and the doctor diagnosed a relatively mild form of multiple sclerosis, she was stunned.

“I don’t get this. I thought I was doing what I was supposed to do. There was no warning,” she thought.

Schell made an appointment for a reading with Cottrell. She could barely walk, but she was determined to make the seven-hour drive to London, Ontario for the reading.

“I went to have the reading in person because I could ask questions if he said something that needed more clarification,” she said. She knew the most important question. Could she be healed? His answer from that reading is etched on her heart and soul: “Indeed.”

She followed the advice from doctors to have intravenous steroids to treat the disease, which by then, they had diagnosed as chronic progressive multiple sclerosis. The physicians told her that she should not expect to improve with the treatment, but the steroids might be able to halt the progress of the disease. Her symptoms continued to worsen. She had more and more difficulty walking and many other physical problems. “I could hardly turn over in bed,” she said.

She agreed to have seven months of chemotherapy, another attempt to slow the progression of the disease. Meanwhile, she put into effect the information from Cottrell’s reading, including the use of the radial appliance, which Cayce had recommended (Radiac, available from Later she added acupuncture treatments, homeopathic remedies, and bee venom therapy.

The reading advised that she should continue work on the emotional and mental levels, as well as the physical. She continued with prayer, meditation, and dream work.

Eventually the chemotherapy made her feel so sick and so weak that, at one very low moment, she wondered if she should plan her funeral. She made a choice.

“I know there’s a better way,” she thought. “I know that healing is possible.”

She stopped the chemotherapy, against the advice of the doctors. Medical professionals continued to tell her that she could not expect to heal. Schell had to make moment-by-moment choices to hold onto positive thoughts. “I had to train myself to think of MS like a case of the flu. It was something that I had to deal with in the moment, but I told myself, minute by minute, that I’m getting better.”

It was a difficult discipline, but she constantly reminded herself that the body is very resilient and can heal. “I found that if you do that long enough, you start to believe it on a very deep level, and in my experience, the healing starts to occur,” Schell said.

She went to a weeklong healing workshop at Ananda Village in California, a community based on the work of Paramahansa Yogananda, a yoga master from India who lived in the United States in the early 20th century.

Schell was so weak that she had to use a wheelchair to get across the airport for her flight to California. She had a healing experience during her week at Ananda Village three years ago. She hasn’t used a wheelchair since then.

It was one of a multitude of steps in a healing journey that she continued, intensely and diligently, for years. She has incorporated homeopathy, dietary supplements, Chi Gong, and tai chi into her lifestyle to help her heal. She is now much stronger, walks comfortably, practices martial arts almost every day, and works full-time.

“In some ways, I’m stronger than I’ve ever been in my life,” she said.

The most important thing she learned from one of her teachers, Schell said, is this: “Hope. Hope always.”

"Everyone will be Healed Tonight' by Sharon Boase, The Hamilton Spectator, September 25, 2004

Intuitive healer lays hands on cure-seekers, and lumps and diabetes `disappear’ Hands are in the air as instructed, “channelling the healing energy.” Voices are raised in a chant, “God loves me, God loves me, God loves me.” The black-robed “intuitive” healer raises his arms and announces to the 150-plus crowd: “God will come into this room tonight. His Energy will come as lightning.”

Surprisingly, this is unfolding in a Hamilton church hall.

“The energy has already started, I feel it across my chest, I feel it in my legs,” says a deeply excited Doug Cottrell, self-described psychic healer. “Everyone will be healed tonight!”

Intuitive healer Douglas James Cottrell
Modelling himself after the late American psychic healer Edgar Cayce, renowned for his prophecies and trance-derived medical diagnoses, London-based Cottrell is in Steeltown to present a series of “Miracle Healing Services.” The last of three services is Monday at Christ Church Unity on Rosedene Avenue.

In the velvet-trimmed robe, Cottrell cuts an imposing figure, despite the conspicuous comb-over. His introductory talk reveals an inclusive and convoluted theology that puts him at odds with the likes of fundamentalist TV preachers Jack Van Impe or Joyce Meyer. He hasn’t got their hair or charisma either. Cottrell says he rejects formal theology and only ever went to church to play hockey.

Nonetheless, he promises miracles. “If you believe strongly enough, you will win the lottery,” he says, adding with a chuckle, “I don’t know why I didn’t last week.”

Some of those who’ve attended an earlier Hamilton session have sent e-mails claiming instant healings. Others healed slowly through the week.

“Let your guard down,” he says. “Remove your ego. I don’t want you to do anything tonight but let this energy in.”

Cottrell warns the crowds they might fall over after he lays his hands upon them. Two volunteer “catchers” are identified and people are told to stay on the floor “until the healing is complete.”

A few tentative souls approach. Among them is Shirley Cleveland, a 76-year-old, no-nonsense great-grandmother. She suffers from congestive heart failure but what’s really got her worried is the numbness that crept into her right hand a few week [sic] ago. She figures Cottrell is worth a shot.

“What do you want?” he asks them all. Before long, the line is 15-deep, a compelling parade of bad stomachs, bad knees and bad nerves. One elderly woman hobbles into Cottrell’s arms and just weeps.

Although Cottrell says his healing powers arise out of a deep trance state, he appears perfectly lucid, chatting and laughing. Part Dear Abby, part Benny Hinn, Cottrell’s manner seems like therapeutic touch with a side order of psychotherapy. “Are you intervening or interfering?” he asks a middle-aged woman who wants healing for her son and husband.

“Repeat after me,” Cottrell tells and elderly man whose head hangs forlornly, “God loves me, God loves me, God loves me.” Then he pounds it onto the man’s chest, “God (POUND!) loves (POUND!) you (POUND!).”

The ones left standing after Cottrell’s ministrations are told to “Take the energy! Take it!”

Helped back to her feet, a middle-aged woman falls into her seat rubbing her head and sighing deeply. A 50-something man wipes away a tear.

Cleveland appears unchanged.

“I could swear he had nothing in his hands but it felt like a vibration went right through me,” she says, describing what sounds like a joy buzzer. “He said my heart troubles are coming from my back. I think my acupuncture needle got moved around,” she adds, rubbing a shoulder.

Suddenly Cottrell turns toward the crowd: “Somebody has diabetes and it’s going away! Who is it?”

“I think it’s her,” says a woman excitedly, pointing down her row. Everyone applauds and Cottrell turns to the next seeker.

Cleveland says she developed an interest in the paranormal after a near-death experience while delivering her second of six children.

She’s read all about Cayce and has even been to see a big-name evangelist whose name escapes her.

“There’s more than just this everyday stuff,” says Cleveland, who as a child would accurately predict who was coming to visit that day or who was telephoning her mother.

At 10 minutes past the scheduled closing, the lineup has grown to 20-deep. A somewhat downcast Cleveland picks up her cane and makes her way out of the hall.

The next morning, Cleveland calls The Spectator. “My fingers are still tingling and that ... but I noticed in the bathtub this morning that the lump on my shoulder is gone,” she reports. “There I was, doubting him about this and that, looking for wires in his hands and look what happened.”

"Once Skeptic, Now Believer, Hosts Visit of Canadian Psychic Here" by Megan Fraser, Warwick Beacon, April 28, 2005

Eight years ago, David Rossi found himself hospitalized with a serious unidentified medical condition. A week later, after doctors continued to find no conclusive results from their tests, a friend told him about the Canadian psychic sensation Douglas Cottrell.

“He has played a major role in bringing me back to 100 percent health, and without him I don’t think I could have done that,” Rossi said.

After experiencing this “intuitive medicine” through multiple readings over the years, Rossi has been working laboriously to bring the psychic to Rhode Island for his first healing event in the United States.

David Rossi has never met Douglas Cottrell.

In Cottrell’s work, there is “no such thing as time and space,” Rossi said.

The clairvoyant has held what are called Deep Trance Meditation (DTM) sessions for over 9,000 clients in over 22 countries, though many of these believers have only spoken with Cottrell over the telephone.

This ability has brought much attention to Cottrell in Canada, and Rossi hopes that the psychic’s appearance on Saturday, April 30 at the Hampton Inn & Suites on Post Road will spark interest in the U.S.

In DTM sessions like the one he will perform on Saturday, Cottrell relaxes his body so much so that his heart rate is slowed and his blood pressure is lowered, as if he were in a sleeping state.

“DTM is a profound sense of meditation, and the intuitive mind wakes up or becomes present,” Cottrell said. “It’s like you’re talking to a man who’s sleeping.”

Once in a trance, Cottrell’s wife, Karen, mother of their four children, acts as the conductor for the session. She directs the questions of those in attendance ranging from marital problems to world news, but extending to the medical prophesy that amazes supporters like Rossi.

“What x-rays failed to show and MRIs failed to show, he found,” Rossi said of Cottrell’s assistance in his situation. Cottrell is then able to suggest the individualized treatment that treats the individual rather than the illness.

This has not been a gift that Cottrell has advertised his entire life, though. He was happy with his wife of 35 years who was his high school sweetheart, and Cottrell had developed a successful career at the nation’s largest daily newspaper, The Toronto Star. It was not until the birth of their first child, Cheri-Anne that the psychic tapped into his intuitive abilities.

Cheri-Anne was diagnosed as severely physically and mentally retarded and spent four years institutionalized. After seeking help from another intuitive, Ross Peterson, Cheri-Anne returned to health, according to Cottrell’s official website.

Like Cottrell, Rossi used to be a skeptic. He had never before looked to a psychic. “I never sought them out before because I never thought there was someone who could do it,” he said.

Cottrell’s self-proclaimed motto is that “Faith is built upon belief, and belief is built upon evidence.” He hopes that the evidence he provides to supporters like Rossi time and time again will give them the ability to have faith in him so he can continue helping people.

Rossi put together the Warwick session to help Cottrell spread his gifts, and the Cranston resident is starting to feel the anticipation of his long-awaited meeting of the man who he believes saved his life.

“I’m just beginning to feel excited because I’ve been working so hard since February,” Rossi said, “But now there are about 60 people signed up for the lecture and 20 more for private readings.

Cottrell prefers working with large groups. “The more people that are there, the more power or energy that’s in the room.”

Rossi is pleased at the size of the turnout thus far and hopes that it will encourage Cottrell to return to the U.S. again.

When asked if he plans on returning, Cottrell expressed enthusiasm at the idea. “Absolutely. We’re already having conversations about doing future workshops. I just love America.”

Rossi and Cottrell hope that those in attendance on Saturday will combine with the small group of supporters that the seer already has to form a large following in the U.S.

“This is the beginning of my calling,” he said, implying that this is not the last we will hear of Douglas Cottrell.

"Falling For A Miracle," by Adria Vasil, Now Magazine (Toronto, Canada), January 5, 2006

I love a good miracle as much as the next girl. But there’s a point at which unusual occurances start to exit Feel-good-land and enter the freakish terrain of Sideshowville. Think Mother Teresa-shaped cheese puffs or those nutty whack-’em-and-heal-’em Benny Hinn-style evangelists. Naturally, when one such miracle worker came to town recently, I signed up for the show.

As I enter the narrow lecture hall at the Convention Centre, the man at the front, Douglas James Cottrell, is talking in a hushed monotone to a room not half-full. Maybe it’s the stringy comb-over, or the Johnny Cash black he sports from head to toe, but Cottrell seems more like an awkward funeral director than a fire-and-brimstone type.

Then his arms reach for the heavens and he tells us he’s asked “God Almighty and all the angels to assist us here tonight.” When he calls three volunteers to the front, eight rush up. Arms start to float up around me, assuming the hallelujah position.

A few people start frantically rubbing their palms together. They must be regulars.

Then Cottrell’s fingers start trembling. “See the energy move my hands.”

I blink and someone has already hit the floor.

The flyer promised some fainting or falling from the shock of his touch, but, damn, that was quick. I wish he’d speak up so I can follow this better.

Cottrell asks each volunteer what he or she wants him to heal (cancer, gallstones, resentment). He then presses his quivering hands to head, chest or belly and, bam, another two fall within seconds. I barely have time to take notes. Although I do jot down his insistance that there’s no pushing involved.

But the next one isn’t going down easy. Cottrell keeps seemingly nudging her on the chest, and she keeps resisting. “What are you doing?” he laughs. “I don’t know,” she answers. How ’bout not being pushed over?

This is definitely awkward.

Still, resisters are fairly rare. The majority slump quickly and easily into the arms of two official catchers and stay splayed across the front of the conference room for quite some time before going back to their seats.

“I’m warm. Are you warm?” It’s one of the catchphrases Cottrell utters when everyone’s falling smoothly. When they’re not, he tells us our energy is cooling down, making it harder for him to work.

But for now he’s on fire.

“Who else wants to come up?” It’s like someone yelled “sale” at Wal-Mart. Three-quarters of the room rushes to the centre aisle.

An assistant cues the stereo and angelic hymns fill the air. Someone behind me gasps. Bodies are piling up quickly at the front. One of the downed wipes away tears, another sobs loudly for what feels like an hour. Most look asleep or high.

“You can do this, too,” exclaims Cottrell. He says he himself once asked God for healing powers, and a small cross appeared in his hand. Next thing he knew, the former Toronto Star press operator was curing his relative of a cancerous lump simply by touching it.

He tells us financial poverty is an illness, that those who suffer from it should pray for plenty. Dude, you think billions of starving people around the world haven’t tried that already?

When he gets to the part about not being judgmental, I swear he’s looking straight at me. What can I say? I’m guilty. There must be dozens of accredited natural modalities featured upstairs at the Whole Life Expo that these people could turn to for help. Instead, they get 10 seconds with Cottrell’s magic hand for the price of a $15 lecture pass. Some might call it a steal.

One of the touched ’n’ toppled is getting up. The preacher snaps his fingers in the poor guy’s ears, asking him if he can hear any better now.

“Uh, I think so.”

“Are you better or not?”

No answer. Within seconds, Cottrell has him on the ground again.

As the line starts to recede, I decide to test the man’s powers first-hand. I figure the worst that can happen is I get a strained neck.

The closer I get to the man in black, the more I reconsider the whole idea. I feel like I’m in some weird movie where you suddenly realize that the shadowy priest is wearing an upside-down cross and there’s a decapitated chicken in the corner.

I’m next. I step over some bodies and lean into the dark suit. What do I want? Well, let’s see, I pee way too often; is there some way he can help me with that? He puts his hand over my belly with an almost imperceptible nudge. The thing is, I’ve tested this at home, if you’re willing to fall (and there’s a bed or a person behind you), even the slightest pressure can knock you over. Especially if your eyes are closed and your feet stay planted together.

He presses a little harder. Should I just fall for the sake of the show? I lock my knees. I’m not going down that easily.

“Can you feel the warmth?” he asks. I nod. His hands are hot, but so are mine when I eat too much salt. And there’s definitely no glittery cloud, no shock of energy, as he’s suggested.

He gives me one final trembling jog. Nothing. Suddenly I’m whisked away. Back at my seat, my condition is no better than it was two minutes ago. I still need a loo, and I need it now.

The question is, would things have been different if I’d let myself fall? Would I be calling the roster of alternative healers I have on speed dial telling them I’m cured?

For the woman in green who couldn’t stop crying, perhaps falling was an opportunity, a window for emotional release.

But for all the cancer sufferers who lined up for a miracle, I do hope a wave of a hand over their livers gave them much more.

"Last of the Sleeping Prophets," Interview by Francesc Prims, Athanor Magazine, Barcelona, Spain, Number 87, May/June 2011.

English translation.
Through Deep Trance Meditation, Douglas J. Cottrell is able to project his mind outside the body to recognize a patient who is at his side or thousands of miles away and find out the causes of their illness, giving natural treatments for recovery. This ability, along with that of healing by the laying on of hands and his ability to see the future make Douglas J. Cottrell an essential reference in the field of spiritual healing and prophecy by psychic means.

You have been billed as “the last of the sleeping prophets”. What does this mean?

‘Sleeping Prophet’ means I have the ability to go into deep trance. I am the ‘last’ because the great visionaries who preceded me in the 20th C and died were Edgar Cayce, Ross Peterson and Paul Salomon. Through Deep Trance Meditation I can get information from the Akashic records and I can answer with authority on any issue or question. This capability allows me to accurately predict the future, including the likely future of a person or big changes that will occur on the Earth. It also allows me to recognize the body a person, knowing the exact cause of an illness or disorder and find remedies.

What is Deep Trance Meditation?

Some describe it as an intermediate state between consciousness and sleep, while others describe it as self-hypnosis. But deep trance goes beyond hypnosis, since it is possible to project the mind outside the body and contact the soul mind. In the Hindu tradition this kind of state is called samadhi, and is developing a higher consciousness; it is a state of cosmic consciousness.

Akashic Records, soul mind … What exactly is contacted?

Beyond the physical dimension there are others, and there is a place where all the information is stored. More than a place, it is a state of mind, or a high level of consciousness. I think all the souls who have lived, are living, and will live on Earth have a connection with this state of mind, where everything is stored, like in a library. Just as an elevator interconnects all floors of a building, the akashic records connect every soul and every conscience of every single soul. My conclusion is that every word, deed and thought has been etched in the minds of the soul, and thus remains in the Akashic records.

Is deep trance a gift, or can it be taught?

Edgar Cayce sought others who may enter this type of trance, and found some that throughout history have had this ability. Ross Peterson developed this ability, too, and taught others to develop. All that is required is to have the desire to learn, from the heart.

What is the process to enter the Deep Trance Meditation?

You start relaxing the body through slow, deep breathing. Above all we must exhale slowly while allowing the body to become relaxed. There are also exercises to help with the mind’s eye. In my workshops I invite people to visualize a red ball passing through a green ring, from right to left and left to right several times. This practice allows for greater equilibrium between the two cerebral hemispheres. Then we perform several practices with the mind’s eye, like walking around the room, going inside certain materials and articles or even visiting a particular person. But this involves much effort and training.


Because you have to get the ego and the rational or ego mind out of the way. The rational mind is the mind of logic and intellect. It must be trained to let go, or go away. One of the most important things you need if you want to go into a deep trance state is trust. Distrust is one of the aspects that do not allow people to advance.

“It is essential to start relaxing, and breathing is a conscious way of relaxing the body. The deep breathing I mentioned affects the metabolism, respiratory system and the circulatory, which become more relaxed. Your heart rate slows … In this way the mind begins to expand into the field and your intuitive or contemplative mind differentiates from the logical or rational mind. As you are entering a deeper state of relaxation your rational mind enters a state of neutrality or indifference or falls asleep while your mind contemplative, intuitive mind awakens. This mind is aware of everything: clock ticking, noises of people outside on the street … and, of course, of the Akashic records and the universal mind. In this state the two minds, the rational and contemplative, are united to form a single mind. The mind, in this type of meditation, it becomes very active, and has an immense capacity.

In the state of Deep Trance Meditation, how can you “explore” the body of a person to know the causes of their ailments or diseases?

First it should be clear that this is an intuitive or psychic ability. It cannot be called a diagnosis, which is a medical process where examinations are made and evidence is gathered to reach a conclusion or diagnosis.

“In the deep trance state, there is only consciousness, completely separate from any other stimulus. Then there is a person next to you, who directs the mind where to go. Because this mind can go anywhere and see everything, but it is like a computer: unless you give an order and tell it where to go, it is just there, present. The person sitting there asks that mind to analyze the state of someone who is sick or is having difficulty. All you have to indicate is the name of that person and the place where he or she is located. So, no matter where in the world they are, the first thing is for the mind to locate that person in the soul mind. At that time my soul mind and the mind of the person I’m looking at are together. The mind runs through the body of the person, in a very exhaustive way. It usually takes about 15 to 20 minutes to get the answer to what is the cause of an ailment.

How reliable is this method?

In the thirty-eight years of doing this work I have done almost 35,000 consultations. This method of intuition has demonstrated that it is almost never confused in an analysis. It is very accurate. All the sessions I’ve done are documented and recorded; I give the person the CD of the recorded session. The person takes the CD to their doctor, who corroborates the information. On my web site there is a long list of testimonials, including doctors. As I’m a skeptical person, if this information was not accurate, I would have stopped doing this activity many years ago.

How do you see the symptoms of a disease?

When someone looks clairvoyantly at the body of another person, they are seeing clearly intuitively. In light states of consciousness, when one is in meditation, this ability still exists. What happens is that the Deep Trance Meditation helps you to see in great detail and very clearly: it is like a body scan psychically, we can see the imperfections . If a bone is broken you see a dark line where the break is. If the spine is broken, you will see that the vertebra is out of place, crooked or moved. If it is a stroke, you can see the vein dripping on the brain … The ability to see psychically is not like looking at a picture, it’s more like looking at the screen in the cinema. At first the curtain may still be in front of the screen, and the image is not clear, but Deep Trance Meditation allows you to remove the curtain so the image of the screen can be seen very clearly.

“To give an example, we can say to a person to picture in the mind’s eye a famous image, such as the Statue of Liberty. If this person is in the waking state, he or she may be seeing the Statue of Liberty with the mind’s eye while they may be looking around at the same time. This duality of vision gives us the idea of what the psychic mind is; a translucent image in a part of the mind that is separate from the one corresponding to the physical vision. The Deep Trance Meditation allows this to become more visible, transparent and vivid in the mind’s eye. Then the mind can examine the object closely and from all perspectives.

Reading the body, would you just see it, or can you then induce some kind of healing?

The spiritual energy, or healing, has its own consciousness, which is based on love. When a person asks for healing for someone else at a distance, that person is helping. The person may appeal to influences – you can call on divine beings who are in the afterlife to come and help. So the answer to the question is yes, because there are no rules that prevent anyone from being helped, when this assistance is being given from compassion and love. There have been readings which have helped to clear the karma of the person, to connect with the spiritual mind of the other person and spiritual intelligence or the spiritual dimensions beyond. We are dealing with an intelligence level so high that we cannot understand it. Sometimes energy has also been directed to the person to improve their physical, mental or emotional health.

And what therapies do you recommended?

Although a reading usually points to the cause of the disease, often certain therapies, techniques, or remedies are given. The mind that is doing so in the reading clairvoyantly reports on what has to be done in this regard, but usually under the authority of a doctor or therapist who uses this information. I usually also make predictions of how likely things will go according to what you do … The information is given not as directions, but as suggestions.

You have said that you not only go into deep trance, but you also teach others to do it. When trying to see with the mind’s eye, is there a risk that someone could confuse vision with imagination?

Yes, but if you develop the Deep Trance Meditation ability, you remove all attachments or emotional connections, which are usually what confuses intuition. The rational mind, logic, intellect, is moved to one side, as are the prejudices and memories that we normally carry with us in the waking state. So we can be more certain of the intuition and vision. The subconscious mind has no emotion, and the superconscious mind or soul-mind has no other emotion than love. So when we look at something psychically the best is not to worry or have any emotional attachment to what you’re seeing. When you do not care about being wrong, the ego mind or personality is at rest, and so your vision can be clearly psychic. Normally when you have an attachment to something, the intellectual mind clouds the intuitive, so it becomes like a veil over the intuitive vision. It is important to practice meditation every day, with discipline, to make sure the rational mind does not interfere with the contemplative. When you enter a deep state of meditation automatically you are going to develop the skills of clairvoyance, telepathy, clairaudience, clairsentience and other abilities, such as visions and prophetic dreams, and remote viewing. Other abilities, such as spiritual healing awaken and develop also.

To progress, do people put challenges that prevent them from seeing?

My model is that faith is based on belief and that belief is based on evidence. Any intelligent person would need to have some facts to believe in the unseen: evidence that they have been able to see the future, or the house of a person at a distance, or the body of a person and their problems. When these results are accurate this gives concrete evidence to the person that they really are using their clairvoyant abilities. This evidence is important, because it will give confidence to the person. That way you can relax and let the process happen, without caring if your answer is going to be right or wrong. The first thing that comes to the mind’s eye, no matter what it is, is often the answer to the question. In this way one can become very powerful intuitively, and training can develop at a very high level. I often use the example of the bicycle: when one is trying to ride a bike, you wobble and may even fall, but with time the person may ride without having to think about balancing.

In addition to the insight you provide by Deep Trance Meditation, you also do a healing practice of laying on of hands. Are you in a meditative state when you do this?

The practice of spiritual healing by laying on of hands is an altered state of consciousness, not as deep as the Deep Trance Meditation. For deep trance I have to lie down, while when I do laying on of hands, I do it while standing.

Is this type of healing recognized with a specific name?

I call it ‘spiritual healing’. Because the most important is the healing that takes place on the spiritual level, the mere fact feel the healing energy entering the body is already a transformative experience. In the Bible is called ‘laying on of hands’, and other religions give different names: ‘divine healing’, ‘balance the aura’ … I try not to label, because this brings doubts, prejudices … I think it is a loving energy that has its own consciousness. We can call it ‘chi energy’, ‘bioelectric energy’, ‘kundalini’, etc., The name does not really matter. When I put my hands on a person’s body, the energy can go to the chest or foot for example, where the problem really is. The energy knows, alone, where to go. I have also been able to do this kind of healing at a distance. I’m a skeptical person, and seeing results is what makes me believe.

What results have managed to convince a skeptic like you?

Sometimes real miracles occur. For example, a woman recently came to one of my healing events with a small lump in her breast. I put my hands in front of everyone and immediately the lump disappeared. There was an instant change in his physical body.

How often does a phenomenon like this occur?

Very often. There are many more miracles that have been documented. One of the best documented case was in Toronto, Canada, in a place where we were promoting my book, “Secrets of Life.” I was approached by a woman in a wheelchair, with two friends. I was doing laying on of hands spontaneously to people who came to buy the book. Several of them fell to the ground. At that time there were 10 or 12 people on the ground. She asked me for a laying on of hands. She rose from her wheelchair, I laid hands on her head and immediately she fell back. There were nearly a thousand people in the place, so there was a lot of energy in the room. When she was down she put her hand on her head and said: “Something has fallen out of my head”, and was very concerned about it. What was discovered after is that what had ‘gone’ was a tumor.

You praised the group’s role in healing. How may a group of people encourage healing?

I like doing the healing in front of many people, because the more people there are in the room, the more energy is available for healing. This energy can pass through me and I can focus it. This approach can produce miracles, such as healing the body instantly. I also learned that healing can occur in steps, not instantaneously. Sometimes it may be necessary for four, five or six applications for the disease or the pain go away.

“It generates energy in the room so that people do not have to come up to where I am to receive a healing. It, may happen to people just sitting there. Some may feel very warm in parts of their body and suddenly become aware that a pain is gone. We have taken photos that show an energy, a white light around me and in the room. This light, this energy, I think that is the divine energy that is healing. I do not promise or guarantee anything. We invite people to come and see what they see.

How do you get to use that energy?

Understand that when people sit in a circle that energy starts to move by itself. For example, if we use a pendulum, it starts to rotate. I stand in the center of the circle and people are coming, one after another, and I start doing the laying on of hands. I can capture the energy generated by the healing circle, because I have practical experience with it, and I push it through my hands, my body, or my mind to the person making the request for healing. In a way, the number of people who are in the room equals the amount of battery cells in a stack. The more battery cells, the more energy. I would be like the man who, with cables in hand, is applying this energy to people who come to the center of the circle. When a person is sick the energy level of the body is down, like a spent battery. What I do when I lay my hands for healing is like charing the battery. This energy is so powerful that it sometimes causes a shock in person (a good shock), and they fall back. I always have helpers who assist when someone falls, so they do not suffer any damage.

And the people who are sitting do not have to do anything specific?

We ask the people in the circle to cooperate intuitively by generating their own energy or healing. I ask them to breathe deeply and to direct energy through their hands. These people can also benefit from this energy, which can help their own pain or illness, and to awaken their own intuition. Because this energy is somehow contagious.

Do your healings have a permanent effect? Is there something we should do to keep it?

Healing is a form of cooperation with the body. But once you have received the blessing of healing, it would help if you were good to your body, so it does not get worse. It sometimes happens that the person feels good immediately, but then the illness or pain returns. I believe this is because these people do not change their attitude. For example, a taxi driver complained of pain in the neck. I laid hands on him and he returned within a week saying that the pain had returned. I suggested that when he speaks to his customers that he twist his whole body and not just his head but he ignored the advice.

“We all come here to improve spiritually. We have to learn lessons derived from past experience, and the universe is a place where justice rules. To overcome problems, illness or crisis in your life, it is important that you realize that the challenge is there for your spiritual growth and learning. At one point you will see a solution that will be permanent if you learn from that situation. When receiving a healing, a spiritual blessing, I recommend people start practicing one of the first spiritual laws, and that is gratitude. Give thanks for everything that happens to you: you have the ability to breathe, to be able to get up every morning – especially when someone does something good for you. And most important: Do not judge or criticize others. If you look at the religions of the world, this is the main law, the golden rule.

How do you teach people who want to heal with the laying on of hands?

First I would suggest that they should come to the healing events or retreats we do; come to Spain and other places. Not only will they see things they have not seen before (the way spiritual healing energy works, and they may even witness a miracle), but they may find that the healing energy is benevolent and loving. They may feel that not only physically but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

“First of all, the room is sanctified by prayer. Then people come into contact with that energy and soon begin to feel it real in their hands, or on the forehead or on the body. Then that energy is transferred invisibly around and through the people in the circle, and they may experience very strong feelings or feeling physical pain is relieved.

“You can teach people how to direct that energy through the body, through the chakras, which can be opened. One day a man asked me to open the heart chakra, and I did. The evidence that the healing took place is that he went home and there was an emotional change in him, in the heart. Helping people to be open in their centers or chakras so they can direct energy is a personal experience, something that cannot be displayed, but has to be experienced.

“When I teach this method I speak of the energy and give demonstrations with moving a dowsing rod. This energy is on the meridians of the body and affects the spiritual centers, the physical body, muscles, bones …, opens the mind of the person who comes in contact with the soul mind, which is the Spirit, the Supreme Being in us. I also teach people how to use the mind, because the language of the soul is not verbal, but images, symbols, shapes, colors … For example, to heal an injured arm, create a mental image of affected arm. This affects the unconscious mind, conscious and superconscious and helps direct all their energy to that body part. Since this energy is always where it believes it has to go, I simply ask you to go to that area; arm in this case. By doing so, the different minds are directed to the same place. As people are practicing this are taking tests that heal people, so they think more about it and are opening. But more importantly, you begin to have a personal relationship with that energy, which is an expression of the Divine. We ask the divine entities of the spiritual dimensions (call them angels, avatars, spiritual guides, etc.) to help us.

“When people come together, ask and pray (and pray simply means asking in your mind) that energy is directed to what is asked. It is very important to always ask. When people come for healing. I ask them what they want. They may say economic gains, prosperity, they fix the computer …, and that really can happen! Animals, plants, the physical, the emotional, mental, spiritual, everything can be healed. You can also have effective distance healings. There was a woman in Montreal praying for her daughter, who had a cyst on her leg. After the healing, the cyst was gone. So distant healing works … when you ask.

With the situation we face in 2012, with the economic crisis and world conflicts, I feel it is important I come to Spain and Europe to be able to say what I see for the future, but also to show that there are divine beings dealing with us and can help us in this time of change.

What can you say generally about the immediate future?

Many of the things that are happening today I had predicted in the 1970s and 1980s. Unfortunately I see many difficulties in the world, as there will be hyperinflation and severe changes in the Earth. In the latest vision, I could see related to Barcelona, Spain was surrounded by water, and people located in the Cantabrian coast had to climb to higher places. Also, I had a vision of the continent Africa becoming much smaller. In the U.S. everything on the west coast will disappear. I have also seen the Great Lakes of Canada inundate the northern U.S. All this is indicative that the level of the oceans will rise. The oceans are heating up two, three degrees. To increase one degree above normal is disastrous … I have also seen more volcanic activity in North America, just as what happened in Iceland, where volcanic ash interfered with air traffic, which can affect other countries and trade.

“I saw that the price of gold and the metals will rise much. After Greece and Portugal, Spain is one of the places where there will be more economic crisis, but I think that Spain will not suffer as much as other countries, for its banking structure, which is strong. I see Spanish people smiling in my mind. The economic situation will be a slight problem or at least not disastrous. I see a great light in Spain, a spiritual awakening, that will expand to France, Italy, and even Africa. In fact, the Spanish revival is already taking place, it is not just a spiritual rebirth but also intellectual, artistic, religious … at all levels. Consider that the main lines of trade will go through Spain, because much of northern Europe and Russia will be under water.

“Interestingly, I received information that Italy would rule the world. And I saw in the Italian seas tropical fish, so I think that the axis of the Earth is going to move, and that Spain and Italy will be in the tropics.

Can you explain a little what may occur in relation to the axis of the Earth?

The ice caps are melting, and the North Pole and the South Pole have always been the two equilibrium points of the Earth’s axis. It is scientifically proven that the Earth spinning on its axis is wobbling, and there is also scientific evidence that the crust of the Earth is rotating at a speed faster than the center of the Earth. That means that the center, which is molten rock, is separating from the crust, then the crust can slide on this lava. What has happened in Japan, and in other places where there have been large earthquakes, are examples of this. The Earth is changing its rotation. I had visions and dreams that indicate that Earth will be tilted between 45 and 90 degrees. The continents of Lemuria and Mu, in the Pacific, might emerge to the surface again. This can also happen with Atlantis (the Canary Islands, among others, were part of Atlantis). So we’re expecting big changes that will take place soon.

"Preparing for 2012," by Robert Appel, Vitality, Toronto, April 4, 2012

If this period is genuinely heralding in a major geological event, some out-of-the-box thinking may be required.

On January 5th, 2012, at precisely 8:00 pm, Canadians who were already uncomfortable with the notion that our current year was in any way unusual or apocryphal were made even more uncomfortable by a very unusual event…

Was that event an earthquake? Meteor strike?

No, it was something even more startling. In a 60-minute special program on CBC-TV, no less an authority than our very own Dr. David Suzuki looked more closely at the hoopla surrounding the “2012 Prophecies” – the most well-known being the “end-of-the-world” 12/21/2012 prediction in the infamous Mayan stone calendar – and concluded there may indeed be something there.

Suzuki was careful to limit the range of his investigation to ongoing and startling changes in the magnetic field that surrounds us, a part of our daily lives we perhaps take too much for granted. Not only is this field going haywire, he concluded, but a major science lab in France has recently shown that not only is “magnetic pole reversal” possible, it is in fact both likely and probable. And the process of field reversal – one often associated with catastrophic weather changes affecting the entire planet – seems to have already started.

Something significant was afoot, the Suzuki program seemed to hint, but with typical Canadian deference and evasiveness, viewers were never really given the bottom line.
Other scientists are not quite as circumspect, however.

Viktor Seleznyov, director of the Geophysical Institute at the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, has only recently granted interviews in which he not only confirms the data presented by Suzuki (on magnetic fluctuations), but specifically opines that these events could indeed precede an upcoming “extinction” event. He notes that, based on his data, the Kremlin has recently financed and erected some 10,000 shelters in Moscow alone, preparing for the worst. When asked why Western media in particular have been pooh-poohing this information, and not preparing (or informing) their citizens, Seleznyov is apoplectic. He has no idea why we are being kept in the dark.

But the dark is indeed where most of us may end up, nonetheless, if even a fraction of these 2012 predictions turn into reality. The sad and simple fact is that daily life in North America is a precarious balance which most of us neither perceive nor understand. Modern western living is heavily dependent on infrastructure that most of us take for granted – municipal water purification delivery and sewage systems, municipal and provincial hydro systems, air and ground transportation flows (which is where 99% of supermarket items come from, little is produced locally anymore!), and provincial systems of health care which are already overloaded and overburdened.

So what does one do?

What to Do IF the Lights go Out

Basic preparedness is something most of us can do instinctively. That is, storing canned food, bottled water, candles, batteries, grains and legumes, toilet paper, OTC pills and creams, and so on.

But if this period is genuinely heralding in a major geological event, or series of events, some out-of-the-box thinking may also be required:

Water Purification:
to prepare for ongoing disruption (or contamination) in the water supply, you need a free-standing device that has the ability to selectively purify water as and when needed. Most camping and hiking shops sell portable battery-run water purifiers which are themselves knock-offs of designs originally intended for the military. They are relatively cheap and the technology is reliable. For steady longer-term use, however, the only viable solution is a distiller. Recent improvements in this technology have made these units faster than ever, and they are not expensive. Assuming of course, that you have power to run them (see below);

Diesel Generator:
a greater challenge lies in augmenting or enhancing home power systems to prepare for prolonged, serial outages. Toronto chiropractor, Dr. Andrew Stillo, studied the problem for some time, and opted for adding a portable diesel generator to his residence. “The cost of wiring into the main electrical panel is itself 50% of the cost of the generator,” Stillo points out, but overall he is quite happy with his solution. Diesel, he points out, is stable, relatively cheap, and stores well. (Ed note: It’s also very polluting.)

Solar-Powered Generator:
if you want a greener solution, Costco in Canada is now stocking first-generation 100% solar “generators” from a U.S. maker called “Solutions From Science.” These appear to be the only ready-to-go units of their kind on the market presently, although more variety is expected down the road. An internal high-capacity battery stores grid power during normal times, and the included solar collector powers the unit when calamity strikes. They are not inexpensive, however, and Canadian sunless winters could prove to be a serious challenge for this technology.

Alternative Transport­ation:
If you really love your car, and most of us do, you might want to ask yourself how you will get around when there is no gas at the pumps? If you think that is impossible, ask your parents or grandparents what happened in the 1970s when supply was only “slightly” restricted, and for political reasons at that. (Ed. note: It’s always a good idea to keep a spare can of gas in your garage, tightly sealed of course.)

The most interesting emergency solution, experts agree, is an electric golf-cart, new or used. Cheap to buy and service, you get about 25 miles per cycle and you can charge from just about any power source. (In Southern Ontario, Canadian Cart Sales keeps a selection of literally thousands of used carts, some selling for less than $2,000).
• If you don’t have room for an electric golf cart, the next best thing might be an electric scooter or bicycle for emergencies. Companies such as Motorino, based here in Ontario, manufacture a range of electric scooters and bicycles. The electric scooters are sold at a number of distributors, including epRider in Toronto. This company also sells solar-powered laptop rechargers.

Colloidal Silver Generator: If access to drugs, especially antibiotics, becomes an issue, you might want to consider a “colloidal silver generator.” Ignore the naysayers on this topic. The last time “hard research” was done on colloidal silver was the 1920s and, at the time (before the widespread use of antibiotics), it proved effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. It was a staple in many medical offices, and popular medical texts suggested 1,000s of ways to use the compound.

Popular Canadian vendor Biotronix currently fabricates a high-end generator (that also makes “colloidal gold,” hence the higher price) which is both reliable and portable. (The innovative firm also sells a customized water distiller made with extra-heavy duty parts, and their own version of the “Dr. Hulda Clark Zappicator,” which claims to remove toxins and bacteria from fresh foods by temporary exposure to a specific type of magnetic field.)

Techniques for Survival

Finally, if this article has done nothing else but simply make you more curious about the entire 2012 “prediction matrix,” you might want to want to have a peek at the just-published work from Dr. Douglas James Cottrell, Ph.D, entitled The New Renaissance, A Prophecy of 2012 and Beyond. Of the hundreds of books on this topic, this tome appears to contain the most specific and detailed information out there. Be warned, no punches are pulled. Cottrell, who has been the subject of more than 300 YouTube videos (all posted by third parties), is considered to be the only living exponent of the “Edgar Cayce” style meditative trance. In other words, the information is delivered from an altered or non-normal state.

The book even includes very recent material from the field of Quantum (small particle) Physics purporting to demonstrate that there is, in fact, a scientific basis for this sort of highly unusual “information retrieval.”

Among other things, the book ties the current period of our history to major astronomical cycles that repeat approximately every 24,000 years (just as the Mayan calendar suggests). The world is changing for the better, the reader is admonished, but the growing pains to get there will be especially difficult. Many specific hints and techniques for surviving the coming changes are offered. In spite of the dry topic, it reads much like a popular thriller and, once started, is actually hard to put down.

To handle short-term power disruptions (a day to a week), one highly recommended product is the “Original Pheylonian Life Lite”, described as the world’s finest survival candle. Made from beeswax, the candle comes in different sizes – from the pocket size ($4.95) which burns steadily for 4 to 5 hours, all the way up to the Omega size ($38) which can burn steadily for 80 to 100 hours. These candles can be used for heat, light, or cooking, as they come with a little gizmo that allows you to place a small pot on top of the candle. Beeswax is a clean-burning fuel which is safe and non-toxic. The company also makes candle lanterns which are recommended for disaster preparedness.

To prepare for extended power outages due to various weather and environmental catastrophes, the best strategy is energy self sufficiency. On the weekend of April 13 to 15, the Green Living Show will bring together an impressive array of renewable energy technologies, experts, and alternative vehicles that can be utilized to create energy independence for your home and cottage. Definitely worth a visit.

"Douglas James Cottrell: El Hombre Con Vision de Rayos X" by Mado Martinez, Mas Alla Magazine, Spain, October 2014

Douglas James Cottrell es el cuarto y último Profeta Durmiente, un hombre dotado de extraordinarios poderes extrasensoriales que utiliza principalmente para averiguar las causas de la enfermedad de las personas y realizar lecturas de clarividencia y profecía en torno a las cuestiones más diversas, desde el ámbito de las finanzas, a las emociones. recorre el mundo ayudando a la gente. Y dice que todos podemos hacer lo que él hace, porque todos tenemos el poder de desarrollar nuestras capacidades psíquicas. La clave está la meditación en trance profundo.
Dicen que es el cuarto y último Profeta Durmiente porque todos los grandes visionarios del siglo XX que podían llevar su mente fuera del cuerpo para reconocer a un paciente que estuviera a su lado o a miles de kilómetros de distancia fallecieron, salvo Douglas James Cottrell. Como si estuviera dotado con el poder de la visión de rayos X, este canadiense es capaz de detectar trastornos físicos con gran agudeza. Nada más sentarme a hablar con él trató de adivinar cuales eran mis problemas médicos... y acertó. La curiosidad me empujó a hacerle mil preguntas, a retarle, no solo con cuestiones acerca de mi salud, sino con todas aquellas relativas a mi presente y mi futuro inmediato... y volvió a acertar.
Douglas James Cottrell dice que no solo puede diagnosticar las enfermedades, sino también llevar a cabo terapia de curación mediante la imposición de manos o el envío de energías curativas; que es capaz predecir el futuro o hacer profecías en torno a finanzas y otros temas diversos. Y lo cierto es que las personas que han sido tratadas por él aseguran que incluso han llegado a sentir cómo les “movía” los huesos por dentro; algunas, incluso, han caído desmayadas cuando él las tocaba.
Douglas James Cottrell no siempre fue lo que es hoy. Durante la entrevista que mantuve con él me dijo que jamás se habría planteado entrenarse para entrar en trance profundo de meditación, de no ser por una circunstancia que tuvo lugar cuando él era un padre joven, con una hija pequeña a la que no se resignaba ver morir.
Todos los médicos la habían sentenciado, pero él, como cualquier padre, se agarró a todos los clavos ardiendo habidos y por haber. Por aquel entonces era periodista, y trabajaba en el Toronto Star. Un día, un compañero de trabajo le dio un libro sobre Edgar Cayce y las habilidades de este profeta con extraordinarios poderes. A Douglas le pareció que podía haber algo de verdad en ello, así que se propuso encontrar a personas que pudieran tener una habilidad como la de Cayce. Necesitaba su ayuda para curar a su hija.
Esa búsqueda le condujo hasta Ross Peterson. Le llamó por teléfono y, para su sorpresa, a miles de kilómetros de distancia, Peterson fue capaz de recitarle el historial médico de su hija sin conocerle de nada. Le explicó las causas del problema que padecía y qué podía hacer para ayudarla. En contra de la opinión de sus amigos, Douglas hizo lo que Peterson le había recomendado y la pequeña empezó a mejorar notablemente.
Lo que sucedió después es que este impresionado padre le dijo a Peterson que si eso que él había hecho con su hija podía aprenderse, él quería hacerlo, porque si servía para ayudar a un solo niño en el mundo, el esfuerzo habría valido la pena. Fue así como se dio a la tarea de entrenarse durante años, con cuatro horas diarias de meditación en trance profundo, hasta convertirse en el hombre que, cuarenta años después, es hoy. En la actualidad viaja por todo el mundo, imparte conferencias, escribe libros y ofrece sus servicios a quien lo precise.
Según nos contó Douglas, en realidad no es él quien cura a las personas, sino la “energía divina”, de la que él se considera un simple intermediario, pero no el agente sanador. Cualquier persona a segura puede hacer lo mismo simplemente practicando o entrenándose para ello a conciencia. De hecho, Douglas Cottrell está buscando un sucesor que sea capaz de desarrollar las habilidades que él ha logrado durante todos estos años mediante la práctica intensiva de la meditación profunda. Consciente de mi interés por seguir in- vestigando en torno a sus habilidades, acordamos reunirnos en España. Así lo hicimos. Algunos centros, al enterarse de que “el hombre con visión de raros X”, como le apodan, estaría en España, organizaron eventos con él. Se me permitió, de forma exclusiva, participar en sus actividades y ser testigo de primera línea. Tuve acceso a las personas que estaban allí, a sus testimonios y experiencias personales. Algunos se cayeron al suelo, otros notaron un gran calor o describieron “borbotones de energía”, cosquillas e incluso el movimiento de huesos en su interior.
Lo más impresionante de todo fue quizá que, mientras Douglas se encontraba en España, recibió la llamada de uno de sus colegas de radio, Richard Syrett, para decirle que otro compañero, George, tenía cáncer de estómago. Richard le pidió a Douglas que le enviase oraciones curativas para George, y que le tratase en cuanto volviese a Canadá. Douglas le envió las oraciones de sana- ción y energía desde España. Días después, Richard tenía fantásticas noticias: el cáncer de estómago de George había desaparecido. De hecho, realizaron a su vuelta un programa de radio exclusiva- mente dedicado a este suceso.
Pero no era la primera vez que Douglas se había visto envuelto en casos de curación “milagrosa”, pues como él mismo nos confesó, a lo largo de su carrera, mediante su terapia, ha habido personas que incluso consiguieron vencer un tumor cerebral. Douglas James Cottrell admite haber eliminado tumores de forma instantánea mediante la imposición de manos. En Toronto, durante uno de los eventos de promoción de The Secrets of Life, uno de sus libros, se le acercó una chica que estaba en silla de ruedas con dos ami- gos. Él estaba imponiendo las manos a todas las personas que se acercaban a comprar su libro, y algunas de ellas se iban cayendo al toque de su mano. Con una decena de “caídos” sobre el suelo, la chica de la silla de ruedas le pidió que le impusiera las manos a ella también. Se levantó de la silla, Douglas puso las manos sobre su cabeza y la joven se des- mayó. “Dijo ‘algo ha salido de mi cabeza’ y claro, estaba muy preocupada por esa sensación que había tenido de que algo había salido de su cabeza. Lo que descu- brí después es que lo que había salido era un tumor”, nos relata Douglas.

En el transcurso de nuestro reportaje, recogimos el testimonio de algunas personas que consintieron compartir sus experiencias con MÁS ALLÁ. Es el caso de Montse Díaz Romero, que tiene dos hernias discales que habitualmente le producen fuertes dolores. “Nos encon- trábamos en una sesión grupal. Douglas nos pidió que levantásemos las manos; noté mucha energía en ellas, y empecé a sentir lo mismo frío que calor. Tengo dos hernias discales y en esa época tenía un dolor de espalda constante”. Montse observó cómo las personas que estaban participando en la sesión caían desma- yadas, conforme Douglas las iba tocando. “Yo notaba borbotear en mis manos la energía. Cuando me tocó a mí y me puso las manos en la parte de arriba de la espalda, me sentí muy a gusto. Se me quitó el dolor. He estado sin dolor prácti- camente un año”.
Once meses después, al saber que Douglas volvía a estar en España, Montse acudió de nuevo a él. En esta ocasión notó “tres descargas de energía borboteando por todo mi cuerpo y, cuando estaba en el suelo, me sen- tía feliz y muy a gusto. Han pasado ocho días y me sigo sintiendo feliz”, nos explica.
El cantautor de origen cubano José Antonio Quesada, que actualmente reside en Miami (EE.UU.), también quiso compartir su experiencia con nosotros. Había conocido a Douglas en España y no tenía ningún problema médico, pero sí una inquietud y curiosidad es- peciales. Acudió a una sesión grupal en la que se encontraban un centenar de personas. “Cuando me tocó el turno, percibí que había unas personas prepa- radas detrás de mí para recibir mi cuerpo en el caso de que me desmayase. Respiré hondo. Me relajé mucho más de lo que ya estaba, y es que Douglas inspira paz aunque esté a muchos metros de distancia. En ese momento ya no vi al sanador, pero sí noté su presencia a mi derecha, en medio del silencioso roce de la tela de la camisa, mientras subía las manos hacia mi cabeza. Fue entonces cuando entré en el país de las sutilezas tras pasar una frontera muy delgada. Hasta entonces había imaginado, erróneamente, que su energía, o lo que sea, salía de la palma de las manos, tal vez influenciado por mi experiencia previa como canalizador de reiki. Sin embargo –prosigue Quesada– aquello que sentía sobre la piel eran diez finos cilindros de luz color gris azulado perfectamente definidos que partían de sus dedos. Pude ver los colores en la oscuridad más completa, aunque en realidad estos colores no se ven, más bien se sienten, porque los ojos físicos no intervienen para nada en tales procesos. La sesión duró apenas un par de minutos, pero me pareció más tiempo. Sentí que el crá- neo se me abría sin dolor, y una especie de aire fresco despegó el encéfalo de las paredes interiores, como si mis huesos fueran de goma. Entonces comenzó un ciclo de leves tirones desde la frente. No caí, no me desmayé, no me sentí mal a pesar de estar en un estado alterado de conciencia. Fue una especie de escaner extraño, invasivo y a la vez familiar, como un reencuentro atemporal con algo que había perdido no sé dónde, y un desconocido lo volvió a co- locar en el sitio”.
Salud Martínez padecía migrañas incapacitantes y ausencias epilépticas. En el hospital le habían hecho toda suerte de pruebas, TACs, electroencefalogra- mas, resonancias, etc. Había visitado a varios neurólogos intentando resolver su problema. Solo uno había logrado dar con la causa. La clave estaba en el riego sanguíneo.
Tiempo después, Salud Martínez pudo mantener una sesión privada con Douglas Cottrell. Yo misma estaba presente. El canadiense le dijo que sus problemas se debían a un mal funcionamiento del riego sanguíneo en el cerebro. “Me hicieron muchísimas pruebas en el hospital, visité a diferentes neurólogos. Tardé años en encontrar a un médico especialista que nada más contarle mi caso supo que el problema radicaba en un mal funciona- miento del riego sanguíneo, y de repente este hombre, sin ser médico, sin hacer me ningún examen físico, solo mirándome, me dijo exactamente lo mismo. Y era verdad, porque solo la medicación para el riego sanguíneo ha logrado quitarme las migrañas diarias que padezco, porque cuando no la tomo, estas vuelven”. A Salud Martínez le llamaron la atención otros pequeños detalles rela- tivos a otras cuestiones: “Me dijo, por ejemplo, que no tuviera miedo a tomar sal. Pero ¿cómo sabía él que yo evitaba tomar sal?”. Douglas Cottrell le realizó una impo- sición de manos terapéutica en dife- rentes áreas del cuerpo. ¿Qué sintió? “Pude notar perfectamente como si se me moviera un hueso o algo cuando me tocó en la parte baja de la espalda. En ge- neral, mientras me realizaba la terapia, sentí que me invadía un calor inmenso y como si todo mi cuerpo vibrase”. Douglas también le dio algunos consejos a nivel personal: “Me aconsejó realizar una postura determinada con las manos en ciertas circunstancias, y no sabes lo bien que me ha venido. Funciona”.
Vidas paralelas
A Douglas James Cottrell se le conoce como el sucesor de Edgar Cayce (abajo), pero ¿quién fue Edgar Cayce? Conocido como el Profeta Durmiente, fue uno de los psíquicos más aclamados de Estados Unidos, al que se atribuyeron extraordinarias capacidades de clarividencia y percepción sensorial. Tal y como hace Cottrell en la actualidad, Cayce entraba en un trance profundo durante el cual realizaba “lecturas”, que no eran otra cosa que respuestas a las preguntas que la gente le hacía sobre diversos temas, ya fueran de carácter personal o general. Considerado el padre de la medicina holística, Cayce, al igual que Douglas, parecía estar dotado de una misteriosa visión de rayos X que le permitía “ver más allá” de la enfermedad. Edgar Cayce formó parte de una organización religiosa cristiana denominada los Discípulos de Cristo y Douglas James Cottrell es reverendo y no esconde su estrecha relación con la religión cristiana.

El despertar de las capacidades extrasensoriales Douglas James Cottrell está convencido de que todos nacemos con capacidades psíquicas y todos podemos desarrollarlas. Pero ¿cómo? El primer paso para lograrlo es practicar la meditación en trance profundo, un método utilizado por los profetas durmientes como Edgar Cayce, y mediante el
cual se puede, presuntamente, indagar sobre el estado de salud de las personas. Esta práctica meditativa hace posible que nuestras capacidades extrasensoriales despierten. La primera habilidad psíquica en despertar –explica Douglas– es la telepatía, seguida por los sueños y visiones que revelan información sobre el futuro.
Además, según Douglas, durante el sueño todos nosotros entramos en
un estado de trance profundo a partir del cual se puede conectar con dimensiones más elevadas donde se encuentran los registros de información que podamos necesitar.
Para entrar en un estado de meditación en trance profundo hay que, por así decirlo, dormirse estando consciente o, lo que es lo mismo, acceder a un nivel superior de conciencia.