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Douglas James Cottrell

Many esoteric religions teach that there is a consciousness that is greater than our individual personalities. It is know by many names. High Mind. God Mind. Superconscious. Akashic Records. The classic Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (Second Century BC) describe it as the “rain cloud of all knowable things.” It represents a merge-point at which all consciousness and knowledge is shared; a collective of every thought and experience of everyone throughout time.

Throughout history, there have been remarkable individuals who demonstrate that it is possible to access this consciousness. Douglas James Cottrell is one such individual. Using a meditative phenomenon in which the ego personality is suppressed and contact is made with this High Mind, Douglas is able to gather information on virtually any topic, pertaining to virtually any one, or any thing. He calls this process Quantum Meditation.

Over the years, quietly, and without fanfare, Douglas has done about 35,000 Quantum Meditation viewings. What emerges from these is an approach to human well-being that is refreshingly clear and unfettered with dogma. Not that they are limited to the field of health, the questions that may be answered in the context of this meditative phenomenon are unlimited, as to scope or topic.

For those who feel moved to develop this ability themselves, Douglas offers a specialized course in Quantum Meditation. Just as there are those who attempt to emulate great masters of music, art, or commerce, you can, with work, possibly achieve the level of Douglas’s skill (or beyond) in your own life.